MLB willing to reveal all evidence against Alex Rodriguez

Jared Wickerham

The A-Rod/Biogenesis circus marches on, this time with MLB threatening to leak all of the evidence it has against the embattled veteran.

Major League Baseball could publicly release all evidence against New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez regarding the Biogenesis investigation, MLB executive VP Robert Manfred wrote in a letter. Rodriguez's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, was informed of Manfred's statement on Monday's "Today Show" (via ESPN New York's Mike Mazzeo).

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The host of the show, Matt Lauer, showed the letter, which states that the league could leak "all documents, records, communications, text messages, and instant messages relating to Rodriguez's treatment by Anthony Bosch," to Tacopina during a live interview. Tacopina later issued a statement dismissing the letter as "a trap:"

"Such a waiver would require PA [player's association] to be party of the agreement and signatures. Nothing but a trap hoping I would sign knowing that I couldn't and in fact would have me breaching the JDA agreement."

Manfred would have to waive the confidentiality agreement in baseball's joint drug agreement, which he is willing to do in response to Tacopina's comments to ESPN New York on Saturday, in which he told Andrew Marchand he'd love to be able to talk more about the case:

"I will make Manfred a deal if he, in writing, waives the confidentiality clause, and agrees that it would not be a breach of the confidentiality clause, if he allows us to discuss exactly what he wants us to discuss, including the testing result, including the specifics of the tests, the results, we would be happy to discuss it."

In addition to his troubles with Manfred and MLB, Rodriguez is also going toe-to-toe with the Yankees about several issues, including the way he was treated during the 2012 postseason, when the veteran third baseman claims the team knew about the torn labrum in his hip but allowed him to play through it.

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