Angels owner discusses disappointing 2013 season, says 'everyone' under evaluation

Jeff Gross

Arte Moreno touches on Mike Scioscia, the club's future in Anaheim and several other topics...

Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno spoke out about his club's disappointing season last week, stating that he's still in the process of determining how to improve the team's on-field performance, and that everyone -- including manager Mike Scioscia and GM Jerry Dipoto -- will be under evaluation when the season comes to an end, reports Barry M. Bloom of

All of Moreno's statements are a bit vague -- as owners' comments seem wont to be -- so it's tough to really read anything definitive into his interview with Bloom. When asked about Scioscia, all he would say was that "Mike has been patient, and he tries to mix and match the best he can," and that the team is "always evaluating."

However, he does state rather explicitly that the club is in good shape financially, so his focus is on getting the on-the-field product to mirror the team's fiscal health:

"I've been very upfront with people about how we've done economically and attendance-wise," Moreno said. "But the reality is, when you're not going to the party, you better figure out what you need to do to improve the team...

"We may not always make the right decisions, but we try to stay competitive. When I look at it from a macro side, I think the health of the organization is good."

Moreno adds that he expected the team to be a .500 club "at minimum" this year, but that injuries, bad pitching and bad fielding -- i.e. just being terrible, essentially -- have taken their toll on the club.

The Halos owner also touched on the club's future in Anaheim, telling Bloom that he is in "positive," ongoing conservations with the city, and that he hopes to work out a long-term deal to stay in Orange County. The Angels have an opt-out clause that would allow them to leave Anaheim in 2016, and many have speculated that Moreno might attempt to move the team to somewhere in Los Angeles County.

The full interview can be read here.

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