Chris Davis sets Orioles record with homer 51

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It's not quite Maris, but it's still a significant achievement.

The chase for 62 homers and the end of Roger Maris' AL record seems to be beyond Chris Davis now, but there are still milestones to smash in what, in most years, would be a no-doubt MVP-caliber campaign. He took done one of them on Tuesday with home run #51 of the season, as it left him alone in the Orioles' history books as the single-season franchise leader, passing Brady Anderson's 1996 mark of 50.

Davis took Red Sox starter Ryan Dempster deep in the top of the sixth to tie the game 2-2, in a contest the O's would end up winning 3-2 to keep their wild card hopes alive.

Chris Davis is really strong, you guys. Look how low that pitch is, and look how little effort, relatively, Davis puts into swinging. Yet, it not only goes yard, but does so in the deepest park of the ballpark, over the high wall in center field. Dempster might give up his share of homers, but that's not a pitch you see many non-Davis hitters go deep on.

Davis still has time to not just surpass Anderson, but put some serious distance between the two. Anderson's 50th blast came in the Orioles' final game of the season, in game 163, whereas these O's still have 12 games left on the schedule. Being the all-time leader for the Orioles' franchise is no small thing, too: they've existed as the Orioles since 1954, but the franchise itself has been around since 1901, when they were the original Milwaukee Brewers before becoming the St. Louis Browns.

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