Angels pulled $52 million Matt Garza offer because he was on vacation

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Garza was on vacation with his wife and didn't want to be bothered when the Angels' deal came in.

Matt Garza may have signed with the Angels if it wasn't for a vacation with his wife.

According to MLB's Adam McCalvy, Los Angeles offered Garza a four-year contract worth $52 million when he was on vacation with his wife in Turks and Caicos. Garza didn't want to discuss the new deal, and when he failed to respond to the Angels in a timely manner, they pulled the offer.

"They offered, but it was more of a weird situation," said Garza, who wound up getting $50 million in guaranteed money from Milwaukee. "I was on vacation with my wife and I didn't want to be disturbed, and it was like, ‘Here it is, we'll pull it in a certain amount of hours.' I didn't have a chance to respond, so I just said, ‘Whatever. It is what it is.'"

He added: "It wasn't anything big. It was an offer and I said, ‘I'm on vacation. I'm not thinking about baseball, Dude. Me and my wife are enjoying ourselves.'"

Garza said he wasn't worried when the offer was pulled and knew he would eventually sign elsewhere. The veteran starter would eventually sign for $50 million over four years with the Brewers, joining what should be a pretty good rotation that features Yovani Gallardo and Kyle Lohse.

On one hand, it's easy to see why Garza didn't want to be bothered. He dedicates nearly all of his time to baseball, and he has little free time to spend with his wife. At the same time, it is 52 million dollars. It must be nice to turn that kind of money down and know you will be just fine.

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