Bo Porter thinks Astros players were 'disrespectful' to Roger Clemens

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Bo Porter wasn't happy with how his Astros team prepared itself for a speech from Roger Clemens on Wednesday morning.

Astros manager Bo Porter gave his players a stern speech on Wednesday morning after he was unhappy with the way they acted when Roger Clemens spoke to the team prior to their workout, according to's Brian McTaggart.

Porter could be heard calling his players "disrespectful," believing some were unprepared when Clemens spoke at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday. Porter later explained his actions:

Obviously, as an organization, we're fortunate to have some people like Roger Clemens and Craig Biggio and different people that will come in throughout the course of the year and speak to our ball club. Out of respect to your teammates, out of respect to the people that take time out of their day to come out there and try to do everything they can to help this organization, it's the right thing to do to make sure you're dressed and ready and attentive when that person shows up or when it's time for a team meeting.

Clemens addressed the Astros players for 15 minutes during a time in which Porter has entrusted the team to be on their own without any coaches supervising proceedings. Apparently Porter brought Clemens into the clubhouse and was unhappy with what he saw.

The Astros have one of the youngest teams in the majors, and Porter is no doubt trying to instill what he sees as a proper and respectful culture within the clubhouse. Earlier in the week, he appointed a few veterans from the team to lead a closed-door players-only meeting every morning prior to team workouts.

But Porter is obviously the Astros manager, and as he did on Wednesday, still addresses any issues that arise within his young clubhouse.

Speaking to McTaggart, Astros pitcher Brett Oberholtzer said of Porter, "As a manager, you have to be that way I feel like. With a younger ball club in the major leagues, it works."

Following a 111-loss campaign in 2013, Porter and the Astros are hoping for better results this season. To Porter, being better prepared for someone like Roger Clemens to address the team would be a step in the right direction.

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