HDWEB: Bautistas, Trouts, puppies, and Ewoks

In today's HOW DARE WE ENJOY BASEBALL, we gawk at the first monster bautistabomb of the year, we realize that baseball puppies are the best puppies, and we remember that nobody looks angry when dressed up as a teddy bear from another planet. YES!

Good afternoon HDWEB'ers, it's February 27th and Stephen Drew still doesn't have a job. Here's everything you need to know.

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Baseball is the fucking best:

Here is the scene. I am sitting at the dining room table with my trusty, though decidedly un-chic, Toshiba laptop. I am showing my Italian Mother-in-law the replay of Josh Reddick's first over-the-fence catch against the Giants in Wednesday's spring training game.

She is pounding the table and asking me to replay the clip, which I do. Ten times. There are several reasons why this is remarkable. My Mother-in-law is in her late nineties. She's just under five feet tall. She has vision problems. Her hearing ain't what it used to be, and she's a football fan. Nevertheless, Reddick's catch has her pumped. She's ready to bench press my living room sofa.

Four years later, Chone Figgins is still upset about being pinch-hit for by one of the best outfielders of all time. He was pinch-hit for, and it worked—and it resulted in one of the Mariners' most thrilling wins in what was a horrid season.

People still look back on the Chone Figgins signing and try to figure out what went wrong. Was it his unique skill-set—the no-power, high-strikeout combination—that led to a quick decline? Was his failure in Seattle a mark against sabermetric thinking?

No, it was just Chone Figgins.









  • Meet George Kottaras' dog, Baseball Dog -- GOOD DOG

  • Amazin' Avenue is a clue in Thursday's New York Times crossword - Amazin' Avenue -- It's all downhill from here, folks.

  • Have a beautiful day:
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