MLB 2014 Odds: MVPs, CY Youngs, No-hitters and HR leaders

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Fresh from the Twitter presses, are the over-unders, odds and moneylines for the 2014 MLB baseball season. The leaders in the MVP clubhouses won't surprise you, but the odds for no-hitters might.

Courtesy of Bovada, it's odds time again!

Considering who they have as the favorite to win AL MVP, it's clear that Bovada thinks the game should be played on a spreadsheet, but we don't think that should be held against them.

2014 AL MVP - Odds to Win

Mike Trout 5/1

Miguel Cabrera 6/1

Jacoby Ellsbury 12/1

Albert Pujols 12/1

Josh Donaldson 14/1

Robinson Cano 14/1

Evan Longoria 14/1

Adrian Beltre 16/1

Chris Davis 16/1

Dustin Pedroia 16/1

Eric Hosmer 18/1

Prince Fielder 20/1

Joe Mauer 20/1

Adam Jones 20/1

Jose Bautista 20/1

Shin-Soo Choo 25/1

Mark Teixeira 25/1

Wil Myers 25/1

David Ortiz 25/1

Manny Machado 33/1

Yoenis Cespedes 33/1

Edwin Encarnacion 33/1

Jason Kipnis 40/1

Carlos Beltran 40/1

Josh Hamilton 50/1

Derek Jeter 100/1

2014 NL MVP - Odds to Win    

Andrew McCutchen 6/1

Joey Votto 7/1

Paul Goldschmidt 9/1

Yadier Molina 12/1

Buster Posey 12/1

Freddie Freeman 14/1

Yasiel Puig 14/1

Ryan Braun                   14/1

Carlos Gonzalez 16/1

Matt Kemp 16/1

Bryce Harper 16/1

Troy Tulowitzki 18/1

David Wright 18/1

Clayton Kershaw 20/1

Matt Holliday 25/1

Jayson Werth 25/1

Giancarlo Stanton 25/1

Hanley Ramirez 25/1

Allen Craig 25/1

Adrian Gonzalez 33/1

Ryan Zimmerman 33/1

Jay Bruce 33/1

Matt Carpenter 33/1

Carlos Gomez 40/1

Starling Marte 40/1

Odds to win the 2014 AL Cy Young     

Yu Darvish 8/1

David Price 9/1

Clay Buchholz 10/1

Max Scherzer 10/1

Matt Moore 12/1

Chris Sale 12/1

Justin Verlander 12/1

Masahiro Tanaka 15/1

Jered Weaver 15/1

C.J. Wilson 15/1

Felix Hernandez 15/1

Hisashi Iwakuma 15/1

C.C. Sabathia                18/1

Anibal Sanchez 18/1

Jon Lester 20/1

James Shields 20/1

Justin Masterson 25/1

Sonny Gray 25/1

Koji Uehara 33/1

R.A. Dickey 33/1

Chris Tillman 33/1

Chris Archer 33/1

Ubaldo Jimenez 33/1

Alex Cobb 33/1

Martin Perez 33/1

Hiroki Kuroda 50/1

Grant Balfour 50/1

Jarrod Parker 50/1

Joe Nathan 50/1

Jim Johnson 50/1

Greg Holland 50/1

John Lackey 66/1

Joakim Soria 66/1

Fernando Rodney 66/1

Mark Buehrle 75/1

Odds to win the 2014 NL Cy Young

Clayton Kershaw           13/2

Stephen Strasburg 8/1

Adam Wainwright 8/1

Jose Fernandez 10/1

Madison Bumgarner 15/1

Zack Greinke 15/1

Cliff Lee 15/1

Gio Gonzalez 18/1

Cole Hamels 18/1

Jordan Zimmerman        18/1

Hyun-Jin Ryu 20/1

Patrick Corbin 20/1

Johnny Cueto 20/1

Matt Cain 25/1

Tim Lincecum 25/1

Bartolo Colon 25/1

Shelby Miller 25/1

Francisco Liriano 25/1

Julio Teheran 25/1

Gerrit Cole 25/1

Michael Wacha 25/1

Mike Minor 25/1

Matt Garza 33/1

Mat Latos 33/1

Craig Kimbrel 33/1

Aroldis Chapman 33/1

Doug Fister 33/1

A.J. Burnett 40/1

Tim Hudson 40/1

Zack Wheeler 40/1

Kenley Jansen 50/1

Yovani Gallardo 50/1

Rafael Soriano 50/1

Sergio Romo 50/1

Lance Lynn 50/1

Jorge De La Rosa         50/1

Josh Johnson               50/1

Jonathan Papelbon 66/1

Wade Miley 66/1

Jonathan Niese             66/1

Josh Beckett 100/1

Who will hit the most HR's in the 2014 Regular Season?         

Chris Davis                   8/1

Miguel Cabrera              9/1

Giancarlo Stanton          10/1

Pedro Alvarez 14/1

Jose Bautista                16/1

Paul Goldschmidt          16/1

Edwin Encarnacion        20/1

Mark Trumbo 20/1

Prince Fielder                20/1

Albert Pujols                 20/1

Bryce Harper                 25/1

Ryan Braun                   25/1

Jay Bruce                     25/1

Adam Dunn 33/1

Nelson Cruz                  33/1

Robinson Cano             33/1

Matt Kemp                    33/1

Carlos Gonzalez            33/1

Mike Trout                     33/1

Josh Hamilton               33/1

Troy Tulowitzki              33/1

Jose Abreu 33/1

Chris Carter                   33/1

Wil Myers                      33/1

Adam Jones                 40/1

Mark Teixeira                 40/1

Yasiel Puig                   40/1

Evan Longoria               50/1

David Ortiz                    50/1

Adrian Beltre                 50/1

Domonic Brown 50/1

Brandon Moss              50/1

Curtis Granderson 50/1

Ryan Howard 50/1

Yoenis Cespedes          50/1

Matt Adams 50/1

Joey Votto                    50/1

Anthony Rizzo 66/1

Alfonso Soriano 75/1

Adrian Gonzalez            75/1

Justin Upton 75/1

Carlos Beltran               75/1

David Wright                 75/1

Jayson Werth                75/1

Season Leader Props

SEASON SPECIALS - Highest Home Run total by a batter?

Over/Under                   45½

SEASON SPECIALS - Highest RBI total by a batter?

Over/Under                   133½

SEASON SPECIALS - Highest Batting Average by a batter?                                

Over/Under                   .345                     

SEASON SPECIALS - Highest Hit total by a batter?

Over/Under                   210½

SEASON SPECIALS - Highest Stolen Base total by a player?                          

Over/Under                   62½

SEASON SPECIALS - Highest Win total by a pitcher?                      

Over/Under                   21

SEASON SPECIALS - Highest Loss total by a pitcher?

Over/Under                   17

SEASON SPECIALS - Highest Save total by a pitcher?                        

Over/Under                   48½

SEASON SPECIALS - Highest Strikeout total by a pitcher?

Over/Under                   250½

SEASON SPECIALS - Will any pitcher pitch a perfect game in the Season?                       

Yes                  +175     (7/4)

No                    -250     (2/5)

SEASON SPECIALS - How many No-Hitters will there be in the Regular Season?                   

0                      5/1       

1                      3/1       

2                      3/1       

3                      4/1       

4 or more          2/1       

There you have them: the Borvata odds for the 2014 MLB Baseball season superlatives.

Propositions that were considered by ultimately taken off the board included: Team most likely to break fans hearts, Player most likely to become complacent following big contract and times someone says Bryce Harper "plays the game the right way".

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