HDWEB: Ervin Santana saves the day and Kevin Youkilis is still beautiful

In today's HOW DARE WE ENJOY BASEBALL, we lose our minds about Ervin Santana signing with the Braves, we admire the statuesque beauty that is Kevin Youkilis in Japan, and we start to worry about our starting pitchers. YES!

Good afternoon HDWEB'ers, it's March 12th and Ervin Santana finally got a job and now I'll need to change my lede. Thanks a lot, Ervin. Here's everything you need to know.

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Kevin Youkilis remains a beautiful, horrifying monster

Here's how to cheer for Youkilis in Japanese (jump to 3:27):


Ervin Santanapalooza

"Well, we're still in the planning stages, and our first audience for this data is going to be the clubs. That said, we've publicly committed to distributing raw data, and we're working on an efficient way to get it out there. It's a lot of data, and we want to make sure it's manageable for us and for end users."


Although it has been a hot topic dating back to last year, Sabathia has said that he isn't worried about his decline in velocity. Girardi pretty much echoed that sentiment after yesterday's game, saying he only looked at the radar gun "once or twice," while noting that CC's command "was a little off" and that it "got (Sabathia) in trouble," rather than the radar gun readings.

The lack of velocity on Sabathia's fastball at the moment may be a bit of a bigger deal than what the Yankees are making it, yes, but there's more to pitching than just fastball velocity. It appears that we should be more worried about CC's command than his velocity, at least for now.


If Sizemore does land the starting gig, that means the win-now Red Sox don't feel Bradley's ready to take the job for good yet, and will probably ship him to Pawtucket as a result. But that doesn't mean they're down on him. Rather, more time in Triple-A would give Bradley the additional seasoning he needs and help the Red Sox avoid a potential roster crunch.


Last season didn’t start out that way. Murphy didn’t make a single steal attempt in April. By May 18, he was 1-for-4. He was still 1-for-4 the morning of June 9. But from then on, in 104 games, Murphy attempted 22 steals, and each and every attempt was successful. Beyond that, for the year, he managed to take an extra base 61% of the time.

That’s according to Baseball-Reference, where the league-average rate was 40%. Half the time someone hit a single with Murphy on first, he made it to third. There were 21 occasions that Murphy was on second when someone hit a single; on 17 of those occasions, Murphy scored. Murphy was aggressive on the bases last year, but he was both aggressive and effective, which is what allowed him to accumulate such value.


(Created by our friends from @CespedesFamilyBBQ just over a year ago)

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