HDWEB: Everyone, everything is getting injured

In today's HOW DARE WE ENJOY BASEBALL, we start to worry that everyone is getting injured. Exploding shins, erupting elbows, trampled children, and more abuse than you can shake a crotch at all threaten to overwhelm us.

Good afternoon HDWEB'ers, it's March 18th and basically everyone is getting injured. Here's everything you need to know.

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The good news:



The bad and the ugly news

The rumors are real, folks




This is just another example of the point I've been trying to drive home all winter. The Rockies have a core that's right up there with the best teams in the league, they just need the bottom of the roster to not put up negative production and unravel all the good things that our top guys bring to the table. As frustrating as this made last season, it's a good thing going forward because the bottom of a roster is MUCH easier to fix than the top.

It's a perfectly defensible position -- but let's get down to what we're really talking about: playoffs. If you tick off the probable NL playoff teams off the top of your head, you'll probably end up with some combination of the Cardinals, Dodgers, Braves, Nationals, Giants. Right? Assuming they won't win the West, can the Rockies beat out any of the above for the Wild Card?


  • What is the best possible season a player could have? - Beyond the Box Score
    The obvious answer is "Mike Trout" or, if you're forgiving, "peak headsize Barry Bonds." Apparently neither of them are perfect and there are theoretically-possible better players.

  • Mlb-tweets-vine-gifs-funny-lol_medium


    Iwyovd6_mediumI'm twelve, big deal. h/t r/baseball

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