HDWEB: Sad Junior nearly ruins the day, but Bryce Harper and Brett Gardner would like a word

In today's HOW DARE WE ENJOY BASEBALL, Ken Griffey Jr. has a bizarre and disheartening interview, we look at scout deployment and back injuries, and we brighten the day with jacked-up Harper and the best picture of Brett Gardner you'll ever see. YES!

Good afternoon HDWEB'ers, it's March 6th and Ervin Santana still doesn't have a job. Here's everything you need to know.

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Baseball heartbreak is worse than any other:

Who hurt you, Junior? What's wrong? I watch this video and my mind races. Was there something I missed? Where's that smile? Are you on something? Did somebody just tell you a racist joke before the cameras came on? Did you just realize you could've jacked up on 'roids and PEDs and had the best MLB career of all time? Or is it something more sinister? Is Upper Deck holding you hostage? Are you ok?

What happened to you?

I am so filled with sadness after watching this video. Those stilted, one-word answers. That oblivious, you're-wasting-my-time look he can't remotely hide. It's like that time I heard that George Brett was actually a big huge jerk to everyone in Kansas City. Or that time I heard Michael Jordan was an insufferable asshole and/or a bully to basically everyone (The Chamillionaire/Jordan story in particular). In both cases, and in this one, I'm left slightly more hollow than I was the day before.

I'd still let each of them be a jerk to me, though.

Anyway, you're not here for sads, you're here for happy. Let's fix this pronto:


Ahhhh, that's better.



Pretty much anyone with two arms and a glove with knowledge of playing the infield is an option to make the team at this point. The favorites might be Dean Anna, due to his 40-man roster spot, or Yangervis Solarte, who has been impressing with his bat so far this spring.

Eduardo Nunez might be the favorite because he's been there before, but there could be enough bench spots to share if some of the other options can put up impressive numbers over the next few weeks.


How Are Scouts Currently Being Deployed?





4Estádio Municipal de Braga -- Coolest outfield in the world? h/t r/baseball


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