Dreams of a Horsehide Fiend: Rockies' Brett Anderson is Peyton Manning?

Coors: Dustin Bradford, Getty Images; Manning: Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

Dick Monfort is really excited about this season.

Rockies owner Dick Monfort is really, really excited about his team's pitching staff.

You wanna know how I know that? Because he compared offseason acquisition Brett Anderson to Peyton Manning.

It's not that Anderson is a bum. Not at all. Unfortunately, injuries have kept him from settling into a groove in the majors, but he has always had considerable potential. Still, come on, Dick. Don't compare him to a guy who miraculously recovered from an injury that nearly ended one of the the greatest NFL careers of all time ...

At 26-30 with 74 starts in six seasons, Anderson is not very much like Manning. He knows that, and Monfort probably knew it was a pretty silly thing to say as soon as it came out of his mouth.

You can see the incredibly superficial similarities he was referring to, but signing Manning would be more like signing Roger Clemens after he left the Yankees in 2004. No, that is not a PED accusation directed toward Manning. Signing Anderson? Maybe Cade McNown?

It's hard to piece together a decent comparison for him. He just hasn't pitched enough to firmly establish a major league identity.

He's thrown just 456⅔ career innings spread out over six seasons -- only 169 since 2010. Speaking of 2010, that was his best season as a pro. He put up a 2.80 ERA that year in 19 starts. Another good sign for him as he gestates in his Manningian (muh-NING-ian?) Colorado chrysalis is his waxing groundball rate. In other words, since debuting in 2009, Anderson has become more and more of a terraphile. That should come in handy in the most notorious hitter's park in baseball.

Anderson: Christian Peterson, Getty Images; Super Bowl: Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports

It would be great to see Anderson put together a healthy run with the Rockies, if only because things must have been incredibly frustrating for him over the last few years. The comparison made by the owner of his new team probably won't affect him in those efforts, but it is kind of a audacious sign to have hung around your neck. Of course, Monfort wasn't trying to make a profound statement about his new pitcher. It was just a little faux pas that lends itself to a quick jog down photoshop lane.

He's never going to be the Peyton Manning of baseball. No one is really, because those kinds of comparisons are contrived and often shallow ... right, Dick?

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