With Stephen Drew gone, what shortstops are available?

Jason Miller

Sorting through the remaining potentially available shortstops after Stephen Drew was finally signed.

There is precisely one free-agent shortstop remaining on the market after Stephen Drew was finally scooped up by the Red Sox on Monday. But, since Nick Green is 35 years old and a .236/.303/.346 career hitter, that one shortstop is likely going to remain there for the foreseeable future.

That said, there could be a short list of shortstops made available between now and the trade deadline. In a couple of cases, teams that were in the postseason a year ago would probably have to continue their poor starts to the season in order for them to consider dangling their starting shortstops. In the event those clubs begin to play better ball at some point before July, there are still a few more options to consider for contending teams with an opening at the position.

Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland Indians

Cabrera will be a free agent after this season, and his team isn't playing great baseball, sitting in last place in the AL Central with a 20-25 record entering Tuesday. He's hitting .261/.341/.404, good for a 113 OPS+, so it's not like the Indians are going to be in a hurry to dump him. However, their No. 1 prospect, Francisco Lindor, is a toolsy and slick-fielding 20-year-old shortstop with an 808 OPS in Double-A. He's Cleveland's future at the position, so the team might be wise to see if it can get anything for the 28-year-old Cabrera before he hits the open market since they likely won't re-sign him.

J.J. Hardy, Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore is in second place in the AL East, but how long will it stay there? The Orioles' offense hasn't been good and in the rotation, Chris Tillman and Bud Norris have vastly outperformed their FIPs. It doesn't feel like this is a rotation that can hold up long enough for the team to stay in contention, and that feeling is compounded by the injury to Matt Wieters. If Baltimore does fall off considerably, Hardy, who will be a free agent after 2014, might be made available. The two parties were discussing an extension as recently as spring training, but Hardy hasn't gotten off to a good start this year, and general manager Dan Duquette has previously said the team won't be exploring any extensions during the season.

Didi Gregorius, Arizona Diamondbacks

Gregorius has had only five big-league plate appearances for Arizona this season after racking up 404 for the team a year ago. With Chris Owings and his 111 OPS+ seemingly having the starting job locked down, Gregorius appears expendable. He's hitting .301/.390/.457 in Triple-A, so a team such as the Tigers needing a quick solution at shortstop might see that and present the Diamondbacks an offer they can't refuse.

[Editor's note: Originally this article stated that Yunel Escobar was a free agent at season's end. This was once true, but he signed an extension earlier this season that bought out his club options for 2015 and 2016.]

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