John Smoltz

St. Louis Cardinals #30 - Pitcher

  • Born: 05/15/67
  • Age: 47
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 220

Top 50 Sports Movies - #47 The Natural


No college football? Hockey almost over? LeBronned out? No mira el futbol/World Cup? Then how about a movie? Check out the latest installment and don't worry - Bloodsport will be coming soon.

Does the strike zone shrink in later innings?


Do umpires have a narrower strike zone in later innings? PITCHf/x data allows for this question to be checked.

Braves broadcasting team receives low marks


Atlanta's broadcasting group checks in at 21st on Awful Announcing's Broadcaster Rankings

Baseball Hall of Fame: The 2015 ballot


The new ballot? Same as the old ballot.

October 23, 1991: World Series Game 4 vs Braves

A gut-wrenching loss in 12 innings put Atlanta back in the World Series. Minnesota would look to take control back in pivotal Game Four.

October 19, 1991: World Series Game 1 vs Braves

After taking three in a row from the Blue Jays in Toronto, the Twins were on their way to their second World Series in five years. This time they would be taking on a dynasty in its infancy: the...

A.L.D.S. Game 2: Rays vs. Red Sox, Tigers vs. A's


The National League Division Series are all tied up. Saturday, we'll find out if the American League series will be the same.

History: Brown stymies Braves to clinch ERA title

On this day in team history, Kevin Brown shuts out the first-place Atlanta Braves over seven innings in 1996, lowering his ERA to a major league-best 1.89. It was the right-hander's final start of...

Ricky Nolasco and Doyle Alexander

Doyle Alexander, drafted by the Dodgers in 1968, was traded in his career for both Frank Robinson and John Smoltz. What does Ricky Nolasco, traded for both Juan Pierre and Steve Ames, have in...

Is Andy Pettitte a Hall of Famer?

Will Andy Pettitte's outstanding career eventually get him into the Hall of Fame? Should it?

In The Clouds With Bruce Chen


Bruce Chen has parlayed a once-top 10 prospect ranking into a 15-year major league career. This PDB looks at what Chen has working in his favor, and what the Nats may do about it.


John Smoltz discusses Patrick Corbin

Here's the piece which John Smoltz did last night on MLB Network’s MLB Tonight, discussing Patrick Corbin:

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