Barry Bonds

San Francisco Giants #25 - Left Field

  • Born: 07/24/64
  • Age: 49
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 240

Chase Utley's Best 10-Game Streaks

Chase Utley has been insanely good over the past 10 games. But is this his best 10-game streak ever?

URLgenio Velez, Hank Aaron Edition!

Yesterday was a big round numbered milestone of one of Hank Aaron's many records. If you thought that wouldn't bring Barry Bonds haters out of the woodwork, you're lying. You did not think that.

URLgenio Velez, Subtle Umpire Bias Edition!

This thing about umpires being biased in favor of stars is true for everyone except Barry Bonds who was JUST RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING AND UMPIRES KNEW IT. Dissent will not be tolerated.

The pretty good Pittsburgh Pirates

After two decades of bad baseball, the Pirates look to be on the cusp of a prolonged resurgence. That's thanks in large part to NL MVP Andrew McCutchen, newly extended GM Neal Huntington and manager Clint Hurdle. And someone else you may not know.

What's wrong with Brewers fans?

Why would they cheer someone who has successfully entertained them for years and is under attack from outsiders now? Other than that.

It's Done! Trout Extension for 6 years, $144.5MM

It's Done! Trout Extension for 6 years, $144.5 Million!!!


If you think this is too much coverage of Hank The Brewers Puppy, I would like to point out to you how that is an incoherent phrase because such a thing is impossible.


Day 3 of Barry Bonds being in camp. Still 0 plagues of locusts. We'll keep you updated.

Bonds, your all-time NBA homer leader, hey wait

I mean, it's not wrong, if you think about it.

On the Right Way to Play Baseball

What is with baseball's obsession with "playing the game the right way"? And why are Ryne Sandberg and Larry Bowa so focused on this?

MLB Attendance, 1950-2013

See how attendance has changed over the past 60 years or so. Is the current trend of growing attendance the real deal or a mirage?

Alex Rodriguez Drops Lawsuits. What's Next?

This is not likely the way A-Rod envisioned his career ending, but it might have.

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