Barry Bonds

San Francisco Giants #25 - Left Field

  • Born: 07/24/64
  • Age: 49
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 240

Smith: Simmons -- not Tulo! -- best SS in MLB


The Wizard is probably right in this context, but still ... ugh!

JAVIER: Analyzing prospects by age and level


The second in a three-part series on prospect analysis. This contains an interactive visualization to find what a hitter's statistics in the minor leagues tell us about his probability of success...

2014 Home Run Derby: Analyzing the hitters by HRD


How impressive have the home runs hit by 2014 home run derby participants been? Are there players that might be better choices, if you prefer huge bombs?


Babe Ruth debuted 100 years ago today

Home run king, Hall of Famer, patriotic symbol -- it all began 100 years ago today.

URLgenio Velez, Stupid Sexy Fielder Edition



Fish Bites: Leaks and eccentric pitchers

On this edition of Fish Bites, we take a look at Miami being involved in Houston's leaked trade notes, Henderson Alvarez sets himself apart from the pack and AJ Ramos makes his way to the disabled...


Court will hear Barry Bonds' appeal

Bonds will get his wish; an appeals court will consider overturning his obstruction charge.

Mike Trout and the Hall of Fame


At age 22, Mike Trout is on pace to build a Hall of Fame career. Just how long until he accumulates worthy numbers?

URLgenio Velez, Prospect Pessimism Edition!


At least, we'll be pessimistic until Crick has a really good start, at which point, right back to optimism! This is how it works when you don't actually watch the games.

Nelson Cruz for MVP now!

Though he wears the scarlet Biogenesis B, Nelson Cruz has been the best pure hitter in the American League. Let's hope he keeps it up, because there are some fogbound heads that just might explode.

Troy Tulowitzki's Magnificent May


A sequel to Troy Tulowitzki's Awesome April - Tulo's been about as good in the month of May, which is insane.

URLgenio Velez, Maybe AAA Affiliate Change Edition


This is all wildly unconfirmed, of course, so let's all treat it as fact and really get our hopes up. Or down, I guess, if you live in Fresno and the Grizzlies are all you have.

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