Brandon Fahey

Toronto Blue Jays #14 - Short Stop

  • Born: 01/18/81
  • Age: 33
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 160

Monday Bird Droppings - Orioles News &Links


There's just not much going on in Orioles Cul-de-Sac, so take some time today to reflect and give thanks, especially for the fact we don't have to watch Brandon Fahey play shortstop anymore. Adam...


The 2008 Oriole SS Exodus Continues

For all of those looking for a brief, amusing distraction from the Mark Teixeira madness, Dean Jones, Jr. reports that Eider Torres (White Sox) and Freddie "Boom Boom" Bynum (Nationals) have found...

The Mythical Replacement Level Player: Not So Mythical


There are people all over the place who love to mock the whole replacement level concept. Fortunately there are people like Jack Zduriencik who love to prove them wrong. The Mariners have added...

The season series is squared again. Os win 7-3 despite one irritatingly loud Sox fan amongst the many hushed ones.


Dear Pink-Hat Nation : Fahey was a hero in the eighth, and did a passable impression of a major-leaguer by going 2 for 4 in this game with a run and 2 ribbies.  Fahey was a goat in the ninth, and...

The Six-Hole: Great futility by O's shortstops


via There has been much (very deserved) talk this season about the totally inept players the O's have run out to the shortstop position. Currently, veteran Alex Cintron is...

The drums of war sound again


  In the long, glorious, storied, mythical history of Major League Baseball, many rivalries have managed to stand the test of time. Yankees-Red Sox, as much as most of us are sick to death of the...


Hallelujah! Fahey and Aquino finally gone

Orioles recall Olson, McCrory   We're back up to 13 pitchers, which is lame, but hopefully after we recover from the double headers and such we can get Scott Moore or someone up here on the...

The final exhibition game


The O's are in D.C. to help open Nationals Park, the new home of the Expos, which will undoubtedly get a cool new name within, what, three years? It's the final exhibition game for the O's. I paid...

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