Pat Burrell

San Francisco Giants #5 - Left Field

  • Born: 10/10/76
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 235

Carlos Gomez's new shirt is sick

Carlos Gomez's sick is a new shirt.

Phillies Links, 7/24/13: Falling Indelibly

Today's Phillies Links, 7/24/13: On Utley, Sabremetrics, and a Season of Hum Drumming.

Ruben Amaro pops some tags at the Thrift Shop

The Phillies' 2013 offseason summarized to the tune of Thrift Shop. Does Ruben Amaro actually wear your grandpa's clothes? NSFW.

Rays Roundtable: BJ Upton Memories

In this edition of the Rays roundtable, the DRaysBay staff looks back at its favorite BJ Upton moments.

DRB Mailbag: How do the Rays select free agents?

And why are they so bad at picking free agent hitters?

The Giants and the Ford C. Frick Award

It's the time of the year where the announcers and media types are nominated for the Ford C. Frick Award. It's also the time of year where pedants breathlessly remind you that the eventual sections...

Important Very Serious Matt Cain-Related Contest

I guess there are things in the Giants world to write about on an off day. Are the Giants really going to screw around with Ryan Theriot and Joaquin Arias in the outfield? What's Pat Burrell up to?...

When It Was Over, The Phillies Were Good: A Look Back at Phillies vs. Mets, August 27-30, 2007 [Part III of III: Game 4]

[Part one of this article covered the prelude to the series and its first game. Part two covered the series' second and third games. This is part three, covering the unbelievable series finale.] T...

Phillies Milestones -- August 13, 2012

Rollins to tie Bowa tonight for most games at Shortstop in Phillies history. Howard chasing Kiner for fewest games to 300 home runs in MLB history.

Phillies Milestones -- Rollins, Howard, et al

Includes Jimmy Rollins' assault on the Phillies record book, and Ryan Howard's race to reach 300 home runs in the fewest number games of anyone in history.

Cole Hamels: Future Dodger

It took a big deal to a little-known Cuban to make us realize that Cole Hamels has only one possible destination.

VIDEO: Philadelphia Men Brace For Pat Burrell's Return

Pat Burrell will return to Philadelphia next weekend to retire as a Phillie. Men of Philadelphia have been suitably warned.

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