Khalil Greene

Texas Rangers #3 - Short Stop

  • Born: 10/21/79
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 185

Luke Gregerson Traded To Oakland For Seth Smith


Padres acquire Smith in trade for Gregerson

Pinpointing The Picture: When Did That Happen?

In honor of Khalil Greene's 33rd birthday, I determine the date and specific game situation depicted on his Upper Deck rookie card.

It's our anniversary! Seven years of blogging the Padres


Today marks 7 years since Dex and I started blogging about the Padres. It all started on a blog called Padres Fans Since '76 with a post about a second or third hand account of seeing Khalil...

Washington Nationals sign Andres Blanco


Washington Nationals sign Andres Blanco

Ducksnorts is done


Once upon a time, when jbox and I were first considering starting a Padres blog, we took a look around at all the Padres blogs that were around in 2005 and there were three. Two of them hadn't been...

Miguel Cabrera's Ugly Spring Training


Miguel Cabrera will play Friday against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Mat Latos: "Twitter is nothing"


I think we were all on board when Mat Latos signed those balls saying he hated SF, but now he's going after twitter.  Has he gone too far? Latos talks as good a game as he pitches - MLB - Yahoo!...

Mariners Signed Mark Worrell


Mariners Signed Mark Worrell

Moorad's commitment to the "Padres" not players, Adrian's just the opposite


Moorad's commitment to the "Padres" not players, Adrian is just the opposite

spring is here! spring is here! life is skittles, and life is beer!


a rundown of the current roster spots in flux and of recent minor league defense numbers for cardinal prospects.

It's not easy being... anyone


Six years ago, it seemed like Khalil Greene would be an All-Star shortstop. Drafted 13th overall by the Padres in the first round of the 2002 draft, ahead of youngsters who proved to be good...

Rangers release shortstop Khalil Greene


The Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Rangers have voided the contract of shortstop Khalil Greene.

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