Alex Cora

St. Louis Cardinals #13 - Second Base

  • Born: 10/18/75
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 200

Has There Ever Been A Dodger You Didn't Hate?

Call me what you will, but there have been a couple of guys to wear Dodger blue who I just couldn't root against.

Angels' Next Manager: Bogar/Bochy

In the next quarterfinals, could a Bogar classic be in the mix for the Angels? Or is it just a good game of Bochy ball that they need?

Let's Talk About Pets, Baby

About a week or so ago I got a huge box full of Padres memorabilia in the mail from RJ's Fro. He just sent it out of the goodness of his heart, and when I say it was huge I mean it. He had told me...

Camden Chat Q&A with ESPN's Alex Cora

With the Orioles and Yankees facing off this weekend on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, ESPN analyst Alex Cora took the time to answer a few questions for Camden Chat.

Nationals showing "heavy interest" in Javy Vazquez

A report tonight by USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale says that the Washington Nationals are showing "heavy interest" in signing right-handed veteran Javier Vazquez should the pitcher decide to return to the majors in 2013.

Daily Red Sox Links: Buchholz, Vazquez, Stanton

Today's links include stories on the Red Sox rotation, some potential story lines in the 2013 season, and a proposed rule change to offset the current qualifying offer concerns.

This Date in Mets History: October 18

Reyes leads the Mets to within a game of the World Series.

Corey Patterson Threat Level: Green

After the Cardinals released long time veterans and bad baseball players Koyie Hill and Alex Cora over the weekend, many fans rejoiced that the team would no longer hang on to players solely for...

Cardinals Release Koyie Hill, Alex Cora

The St. Louis Cardinals announced that they've released a pair of veterans today: Alex Cora and Koyie Hill. Alex Cora, 36, signed as a free agent with the Cardinals about a month ago. The middle...

Miami Marlins Season Preview: Hanley Ramirez's Attitude Changes

Hanley Ramirez has gotten some hefty praise for his work ethic this offseason, but is it all because he has had a good Spring Training start?

Thursday Notes: The left-handed backup outfielder bubble

The Cardinals move inexorably toward The Real Spring Training, where instead of hearing about players who are considering playing different positions we hear about them actually playing different positions, or just not playing. Mark Hamilton in the outfield! Alex Cora all over the place! It's happening.

2012 Dodgers Player Profile: Mark Ellis

2012 Dodgers Player Profile: Mark Ellis

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