Carlos Guillen

Seattle Mariners #8 - Second Base

  • Born: 09/30/75
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 215

Top Tigers Countdown #49: Carlos Guillen


Shortstop Carlos Guillen owns two of the top 10 best seasons by a shortstop in franchise history, but will he be remembered for more than one home run in the twilight of his career?

Mariner Numerology


Which Mariners best represent certain uniform numbers, and who among the current roster might claim their number as their own? Also: how will the author work in a Big Red Machine joke?

Wednesday Bantering


Little bits of Blue Jay news. Melky Cabrera MRI results are back and it isn't bad: Cabrera has right quad irritation, left hamstring irritation, can play "to tolerance," #BlueJays say. —...

When Carlos Guillen Had Tuberculosis

Reflecting on the summer and fall of 2001, when it was revealed that starting Seattle Mariners shortstop Carlos Guillen had been playing through pulmonary tuberculosis.

Carlos Guillen To Be Honored By Detroit Tigers


Carlos Guillen is going to be honored by the Detroit Tigers on Aug. 4.

Bless You Boys Podcast 30: What the voice of the turtle really sounds like


Bless You Boys Podcast 30: Talking Detroit Tigers, Jim Leyland teases a roster surprise, Carlos Guillen retires, the final word on MLB playoff expansion.

Fish Bites: Here come the Fish


Fish Bites: Here come the Fish; includes Dominguez, Cook, and Sanchez

Albert Pujols Draws Fans And Other MLBullets

The Los Angeles Angels are having trouble keeping up with fan demand for tickets after signing Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson.

Today's Fun Recollection

Given the news that Carlos Guillen has retired, it's worth remembering that, in December 2003, the Mariners agreed to trade him to the Indians for Omar Vizquel. Vizquel, however, failed his...

Carlos Guillen Has Retired


Veteran infielder Carlos Guillen has elected to retire, as his body - specifically his knees - will no longer cooperate.

Carlos Guillen Announces His Retirement


Carlos Guillen informed the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday that he was ending his 14-year major-league career.

Carlos Guillen Retires From Baseball


Former Detroit Tigers infielder Carlos Guillen has decided to call it a career.

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