Neifi Perez

Colorado Rockies #0 - Second Base

  • Born: 06/02/73
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 195

Fan Foils By The Numbers: Neifi Perez

The next entry in the Fan Foils series looks at a much maligned infielder who embodies a lot of Cub problems over (fairly) recent years.

Cubs Minor Parts: Marco Hernandez

The next in a series on Cubs minor leaguers.

Meet The New Purple Row Writers

Each and every one of you has a story. Here are the stories of Purple Row's new writers.

Time Is Running Out On Pennant Races, But Collapses Can Still Happen

Do you think it's too late for a team to come back from a multiple-game deficit and make the postseason? History tells us that it's not.


Prime 9 Most Hated Royals: Neifi Perez

When looking at shortstops through the years, the Royals haven't lit the world on fire at the position.  Since 1997 when Jay Bell manned the position, it has been especially bleak.  From Mendy...

Giants/Pirates Series Preview

Pirates/Giants series preview

Tigers would have been better served by picking up Jhonny Peralta's option

Jhonny Peralta had better show improvement over the next two years, because his current career arc should have been reason enough to scare Detroit away from a multi-year deal.

Saturday Rockpile: Dan O'Dowd is bearing golden arms for playoff hunt

Pitching will have to carry the Rockies to the playoffs

Slumping Royals Searching for Answers

Yuck. Thank God we've got a day game tomorrow, because I don't think anyone feels good right now. How did everything collapse this quickly? Yes, it is slightly cherry-picked, but here we go: First...

Graph of the Day: -2 WAR Club

WAR data from Fangraphs.

The Cub Can Of Worms: Neifi Perez

Another in an occasional series about Cubs who ... weren't so good.

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