Brian Barton

Cincinnati Reds #0 - Left Field

  • Born: 04/25/82
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 190

A Joe Mather lament and one more pitching choice


A lament at Joe Mather leaving the St. Louis Cardinals for the Atlanta Braves, and a look at Japanese star Hisashi Iwakuma.

Braves Re-sign Wes Timmons, Add Mitch Jones


Braves Re-sign Wes Timmons, Add Mitch Jones

Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 9/3 (Danville Wins The Championship!)


Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 9/2 (Danville Wins The Championship!)

Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 7/24 (Heyward is a Freak)


Nightly recaps from around the Braves minor league system.

Braves Acquire a... Crabman


Thoughts on the Atlanta Braves new outfield acquisition, Brian Barton.

And I think it's going to be a long, long time—


The Cardinals and Braves make a very alliterative trade.

Braves Trade Blaine Boyer; Acquire Brian Barton


The Atlanta Braves traded relieve Blaine Boyer to the Cardinals for outfielder Brian Barton on Monday.

The shaded part on the 2B/LF Venn Diagram


Skip Schumaker's shaky defense is going to have a domino effect on the outfield grass and the infield dirt.

Rookies of the Year


A look at the Cardinals' 2008 rookies. Rookies of the year, but not Rookies Of The Year.

first-half highlights


headed for the airport this morning and a trip home after 4 days in portland --- quite a beautiful town, surprisingly reminiscent of st louis in certain ways. anyway, my writing time is limited...

fists of fury


Q: what’s the downside of the 5-1 start? A: last night’s game thread. the cards’ unexpectedly good start has raised everybody’s expectations, which in turn raises the piss-n-moan factor when the...

the beauty of low expectations


by far my favorite part of the weekend was watching brian barton leg out that triple on saturday. a veritable whiteyballer --- dude’s feet don’t even touch the ground when he runs. barton looks...

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