Kenny Rogers

Detroit Tigers #37 - Pitcher

  • Born: 11/10/64
  • Age: 49
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 190

*Exploring the vagaries of instant replay...


Anything? Something? As with all instant replay across all sports, the heart is in the right place, but the unintended consequences of the system have done umpires, players, and fans a tremendous...

Pitchers and foreign substances


Michael Pineda was certainly not the first or last to have an odd substance on his pitching hand.

The Armando Benitez All-Stars


How good would a team of players who, like Armando Benitez, earned exactly one vote for the Hall of Fame? Bryan Cole constructs a team of those players, and set them loose on MLB circa 1996.

Hall of Fame Poll: Curt Schilling


Would you vote Curt Schilling into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

This Date In Mets History: July 23

Jose Reyes' three-run homer beats Phillies and puts Mets back in first-place tie in 2008.


MLB must tread carefully with Biogenesis justice

If suspensions are indeed coming, they had better be well timed.

Matt Harrison and the Rangers Top-5 Starters


The still-young left-hander is knocking on the door of a sparse list.

What you didn't know yet about Mark Buehrle


You might know that Mark Buehrle is left-handed. You might know that he has a variety of pitches. You might know that he is very good defensively and at holding runners on. But do you know...

The Return of John Lackey


John Lackey hasn't had a great tenure with the Red Sox thus far by any measure. Being set to return after missing all of 2012 due to Tommy John Surgery, can he get back to being an effective starter?

This Date in Mets History: November 10


Former GM Omar Minaya turns 54 today. He's finally old enough to sign himself to a two-year deal with a vesting option.

A brief history of the Tigers in the World Series


The Detroit Tigers have played in 10 World Series; after losing the first four, they've won four of their last six. Here's a few stories from Detroit's World Series history.

The Defining Moment of the '98 Yankees


October 20, 1998--The Yankees trailed the Padres 3-2 in the eighth inning with a future Hall of Famer on the mound for San Diego until a "player to be named later" stepped to the plate.

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