Joe McEwing

Boston Red Sox #11 - Third Base

  • Born: 10/19/72
  • Age: 41
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 170

Terrerobytes: White Sox coaches gonna coach

Mark Parent and Joe McEwing have their hands full with projects as Opening Day draws near

This Date in Mets History: March 18


Joe McEwing joined the Mets on this date in 2000, while Luis Castillo got his walking papers 11 years later.

Stat: Jason Bay's Terrible Batting Average


A player has come to the plate at least 200 times in a season on 4,480 occasions since 2000. Only 64 of them hit less than .200. Jason Bay, in 2012, was one of them.

Houston Astros Managerial Candidates

The Houston Astros have a long list of managerial candidates general manager Jeff Luhnow will sort through.

THUNDERDOME: Naming Mike Matheny the Cardinals Manager


In an underground lair, deep beneath Busch Stadium, Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak sits behind a folding table. On the table is a pitcher of water. Mozeliak wonders why there are no...

Morning Thread: Managerial Reset

A few days until I'm able to end my work-related exile and return to, uh, this work—in the meantime, a rundown of the managers on the Cardinals' apparent shortlist—with analysis!  Jose Oquendo:...

Terry Francona Latest To Interview With Cardinals


In the Heart of America, the St. Louis Cardinals' nascent managerial search continues, and Derrick Goold's got all the juicy details: The Cardinals had scheduled interviews for six candidates to...

Ozzie Guillen is out, so what happens now?


Ozzie Guillen's departure from the White Sox leaves plenty of positions up in the air. Here's a look at what might happen.

Jonah Lehrer and Why They Make Menus


Congrats to Jonah Lehrer on writing the 8 millionth "Numbers are bad!" post

The Worst Hitters With Long Hitting Streaks In Major League History


Reviewing a list of the worst hitters in baseball history ever to have a hitting streak of at least 25 games in length.

C.J. Beatty, Brendan Ryan, and why I can't LMBO about baseball players anymore


A look at baseball players, twitter, and how blogging changes when they're blogging right back at you.

Gut Reaction Thread, Part Two


We've done this once before. It's simple -- pick which of the two choices you prefer in the pairs below. Post it in the comments. Tip: copy and paste the whole list into a comment, then delete...

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