Ben Grieve

Chicago White Sox #26 - Right Field

  • Born: 05/04/76
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 215

Prospect Retrospective: Todd Helton


Colorado Rockies first baseman and franchise cornerstone Todd Helton announced his retirement this past weekend. How was he rated as a prospect, and where does he stand in historical context?

Rookies of the Year: Yoenis Cespedes and Bryce Harper


Okay, first of all, if you haven't yet, go play SB Nation's new Pick 6. This is a completely unprompted review; it's free, easy, addictive and actually really fun. And if you choose "Athletics...

A Short Analysis of Long HRs in Oakland: 2006-2012


A Short Analysis of Long HRs in Oakland: 2006-2012

Memorable All-Stars in (Devil) Rays History: Randy Winn (2002)


This isn't exactly a groundbreaking discovery, but wow -- that 2002 Devil Rays team was really bad. They used a total of 11 starters during the course of the season, and their staff "ace" had a...

Memorable All-Stars in (Devil) Rays History: Rolando Arrojo (1998)


Over the next week, we'll be putting together a series of posts about past (Devil) Ray All-Stars. Considering the Rays have such a spotted history of All-Stars, it should hopefully be a somewhat...

Friday Bird Droppings


O's campaign for Reimold for ROY - The Schmuck Stops Here - baltimoresun.comThe Orioles public relations department has sent out a release making a case for outfielder Nolan Reimold to be the...

Evan Longoria, Home Runs, GIDPs and History


The Rays are a very odd statistical team. I pointed out the Carlos Pena home run vs. singles oddity nearly two weeks ago. Just yesterday, Erik pointed out that Matt Garza and Jeff Niemann are on...

Good Question


My FanGraphs colleague Marc Hulet is doing a series on Baseball Analysts where he looks at teams from 10 years ago (1999), here's what he said about the '99 (Devil) Rays: The Tampa Bay Rays |...

Matt Stairs: Underappreciated OKness


Matt Stairs has hit 207 home runs in the major leagues. Only 54 active players have more, a number which will certainly shrink given the likelihood that guys like Sammy Sosa, Tim Salmon etc have...

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