Tony Womack

Washington Nationals #0 - Second Base

  • Born: 09/25/69
  • Age: 44
  • Height: 5-9
  • Weight: 170

MLB ASG 2013: All-time most pitiful pity all-stars

Sometimes, trying to honor the game just results in embarrassing everyone involved.


Papelbon "joke"-free All-Star game denies reality

The history of the exhibition is littered with a fair number of jokers.

Ryan Vogelsong, you guys.


Ryan Vogelsong used to not be a very good pitcher. Now he is a very good pitcher.

This Day in Reds History: Happy Birthday, Cowboy!

On this day in 1963, former Red and current Reds broadcaster Jeff Brantley was born in Florence, AL. In four seasons with the Reds, Brantley pitched 218.1 innings (all in relief) with a 2.64 ERA...

Barry Larkin Elected To Baseball Hall Of Fame


Here are the Baseball Hall Of Fame voting results for 2012. This year will see the enshrinement of Reds shortstop Barry Larkin, a worthy Hall Of Famer and a scary N.L. Central opponent for Pirates...

Hall of Fame Poll: Bernie Williams


Our last one. Tony Womack and Eric Young come after him on the ballot but neither had anything like a Hall of Fame career. Womack might be the worst player on the ballot, he has a career WAR of 1.2...

Edgardo Alfonzo left of Hall of Fame ballot

Edgardo Alfonzo was left off the 2012 Hall Of Fame ballot, despite being deserving of the minor honor. Poor Fonzie.

Mark Grace Diamondbacks Championship Theatre


This year is the 10th anniversary of... some World Series or other. I forget the details. ;-) Needless to say, there will be a lot of nostalgia taking place, as we look back at the pinnacle of...

The Augie Ojeda Signature Moment With The Cubs


Augie Ojeda -- a little guy who got a big hit at a key time in a Cubs pennant race.

Graph of the Day: -2 WAR Club


WAR data from Fangraphs.

Inspecting the unexpected


In January some teams seem set in stone, but now is the perfect time to consider unexpected sources of production, whether you want to or not.

The Best Base Stealers Since 1900


If the stolen base is the lost art, what does that make the caught stealing? Using the SQL database I decided to find the best basestealing runs created (.22*SB - .38*CS as BSRC) by the decade. The...

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