Nick Adenhart

Los Angeles Angels #34 - Pitcher

  • Born: 08/24/86
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 185

Weaver Beats Lackey


Game of the year so far.

Does MLB have a DUI problem on its hands?


Major Leaguers aren't arrested more often for DUI than anywhere else, but the league still has an obligation to take action against those guilty of DUI. It's the right thing to do.

Baseball loves a drunk

MLB has learned to be progressive when it comes to illegal narcotics, but it's still clueless when it comes to good ol' demon rum.

Cuban Pitcher Yadier Pedroso Killed in Car Wreck


Cuban pitcher Yadier Pedroso, who pitched in the World Baseball Classic last week, has been killed in an auto accident.

Mike Miley - 27 Days Until Opening Day


Counting Down to Opening Day, We Are Counting Down The 100 Walk Off Homers in Angels History. #27 was hit by Shortstop Mike Miley, a one-time quarterback for LSU and an Angel who was taken too...

Melky Cabrera, Michael Pineda, and the Outrage Outage

Melky Cabrera could have harmed his free agent price. Micheal Pineda could have killed someone. Who deserves more of our outrage?

999 Days After Nick Adenhart


It is almost 1,000 days since the death of Angel pitcher Nick Adenhart and the fan base is still defined by the sudden loss.



Maybe the spirit of Nick Adenhart is strong with the Angels today after Torii Hunter visited the dedication of an inner city batting cage donated by the late pitcher's memorial fund. Torii tweeted...


Miracle: The (thankfully ongoing) story of Jon Wilhite.

[baseballgirl note: I thought this was great and timely for a day when, quite honestly, it seems like nothing could get worse for the A's, and on a day when many of us are still affected by what...

2009 Angels: Class in the Face of Tragedy


In looking back over the team's fifty year history, the 2009 Angels remain at the top of the list when it comes to being a class act all around.

Poll Time: Octavio Dotel


Since my mind is on holiday schedule, there isn't anything I really want to talk about this morning. Glad my body is going to be following my mind pretty soon. We are off to Mexico on the 28th. I...

Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/23/10


The Nationals farm system is improving, but still has a ways to go, and Philly misses Werth.

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