Kirk Rueter

San Francisco Giants #46 - Pitcher

  • Born: 12/01/70
  • Age: 43
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 210

What you didn't know yet about Mark Buehrle

You might know that Mark Buehrle is left-handed. You might know that he has a variety of pitches. You might know that he is very good defensively and at holding runners on. But do you know everything there is to know? Find out!

Cult Favorite Player: National League West

Rooting for superstars is a no-brainer. As often as not, though, your favorite player emerges not from a pile of year-end awards, but from somewhere a little more special. We asked our bloggers to talk about their cult favorite players.

Barry Zito Am Become Death, Destroyer of D-Backs

The Giants won again, Buster Posey is the best, and Jason Motte is a dillweed.

Tim Lincecum And The Most Important Stats In The Land

Tim Lincecum is having a miserable season. Thank goodness it isn't happening 20 years ago.

Post-game thread: Giants tag J.A. Happ for earned run

Error. Four-pitch walk that shouldn't have been. Double. That was the scoring tonight. Error. Four-pitch walk that should have at least gone to a 3-1 count. Double. Can't be picky considering how...

Mike Cameron: The Rare Tools That Turned Into Skills

Mike Cameron was designated for assignment by the Boston Red Sox on Thursday. His career isn't over yet, but it's getting there. What will he be remembered for?

Post-game thread: Giants torch Mike MacDougal for long ball, still lose

Ah, yes. That stung. Every so often, Jonathan Sanchez will have a low-walk, dominating start that makes you say, "Boy, if that guy could just cut down on his walks a little bit, he’d be something...

Mark McGwire Not A Baseball Hall Of Famer Yet, Kirk Rueter Perhaps Never

Famous Oakland Athletics slugger Mark McGwire and San Francisco Giants left-handed pitcher Kirk Rueter were not selected to the 2011 Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. McGwire was denied because of his steroids troubles, and Rueter received no votes and might not be eligible for future ballots.

Hall of Fame Poll: Benito Santiago

I'm skipping Kirk Rueter who had a nice career, 130-92 losses with a 4.27 ERA. And he was an Expo which gets him extra points from me, but he isn't anyone's idea of a Hall of Fame player.  Benito...

Troubling Trends for Blackburn and Slowey

The Twins will look to Nick Blackburn and Kevin Slowey as they battle the Tigers for first place in the AL Central. Considering how they've pitched in 2010, that's not good news for Twins fans.

Fun with PECOTA comparisons

Takin' a break from the projections series, and having fun with how the San Francisco Giants compare to players throughout history.

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