Oney Guillen

Chicago White Sox #14 - Second Base

  • Born: 01/25/86
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5-9
  • Weight: 155

White Sox Finally Show Baseball Sense; Don't Draft Ozney Guillen On Day Two Of 2011 MLB Draft


In 2007 the White Sox embarrassingly drafted Ozzie Guillen's son, Oney. This year, they corrected that mistake, leaving Ozney on the board past the 30th round.

Keeping Up With The Guillens: Should Ozzie Be Fired?


Did Ozzie Guillen cross the line with his recent comments questioning Sox fans dedication? Should he be fired?

In The Battle Of Ozzie Guillen Vs. Bobby Jenks, No One Wins


Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox, responded to another round of criticism from former closer Bobby Jenks. And, folks, it's gettin' ugly.

Ozzie Guillen Attacks Bobby Jenks As Only Ozzie Can


Bobby Jenks and Ozzie Guillen continue their war of words. But this time, Ozzie may have gone too far.

Former Chicago White Sox Closer Bobby Jenks Slams Oneygate Shut


Former Chicago White Sox closer Bobby Jenks could have fired back at Oney Guillen, the son of manager Ozzie Guillen who attacked him via Twitter. But he's playing it cool.

Hush money: White Sox pick up Guillen's 2012 option


Ozzie Guillen gets a little more security, and now it's all on him to keep all Guillens out of trouble.

White Sox' Matt Thornton Calls Out Oney Guillen On Tweets


The Sox have a big Oney Guillen problem. If they don't fix it right now, it can only get worse.

Oney Guillen's Tweeting Could Lead To Ozzie's Undoing


Ozzie Guillen says his son Oney is an "American citizen" who has the right to express himself. But those expressions could hurt his dad and the Sox.

Game Thread #-13: White Sox (6-9-3) at Brewers (11-8)


Game Thread #-13: White Soz (6-9-3) at Brewers (11-8)

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