Shawn Chacon

Oakland Athletics #0 - Pitcher

  • Born: 12/23/77
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 220

'Casey At The Bat': Preston Wilson Fails In 4-2 Contest

Over at ESPN SweetSpot Network, Value Over Replacement Grit just launched there on Wednesday and one of the older posts is about real-life "Casey at the Bat" situations. Since 1950 there were 36...

Ed Wade Is Trying To Save His Job. I See Your Game, Ed, And It's Too Late

Astros GM Ed Wade released 2nd baseman Bill Hall after a dismal start to 2011. Ed's just trying to save his job, can we hold that against him?

Huston Street Breaks The Mold

Huston Street isn't the conventional closer, but Rockies fans should be grateful for his accomplishments.

The Astros Bullpen and Blown Saves

How bad is the Astros' bullpen?

Wednesday Rockpile: World Series starts tonight, Rockies talent drain starting in front office

Still little to report as far as the Rockies go, although assistant to the GM Kasey McKeon, son of the former Marlins manager, has jumped ship to join the Nationals front office as director of...

Shawn Chacon Busted for Gambling Debts

This isn't the kind of thing I'd usually post here, because I think former big-league players, while maybe not deserving of sympathy or anything like that, face a tricky situation, as this...

Saturday Rockpile: Dan O'Dowd is bearing golden arms for playoff hunt

Pitching will have to carry the Rockies to the playoffs

Saturday Pebble Report: Jhoulys Chacin struggles in loss

Jhoulys Chacin wasn't his dominant self last night.


Smells Like Padres in Here - Thursday Edition

Many thanks to Drama for taking over while I was experiencing technical difficulties. I was gone from the Internets for five days, but it seems things are still the same.  Can we PLEASE get...


Shawn Chacon assaults Ed Wade

How many Phils fans have dreamed of doing this? I kid, but this really isn't funny... Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon was suspended indefinitely by the team Wednesday for insubordination after...


Chacon suspended indefinitely

And that's all I know... I think that's all that's been said, actually... I assume it has to do with his attitude and reaction to demotion to the bullpen... Come on Shawn, seriously. Something...

Game Thread #57: Astros (30-27) at Brewers (28-28)

Hey, .500 is pretty nice, huh?  Now if we can just stay there until Sheets's next turn in the rotation... Sans Mug, here are some daily links: FanGraphs Win Probability graph BR Box Score BDD...

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