Ryan Freel

Texas Rangers #26 - Third Base

  • Born: 03/08/76
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 5-9
  • Weight: 180

Ex-Cub Ryan Freel Suffered From Brain Disease CTE


Another athlete who committed suicide had CTE; one of CTE's biggest causes is concussions.

MLB Bullets Turns Over A New Leaf


As the year changes from 2012 to 2013, there are changes both in baseball and at Bleed Cubbie Blue. But most teams are waiting out the holiday before finalizing their rosters for the upcoming season.

Red Reposter - Extolling Todd


In this issue: Todd Frazier is cool and Sam LeCure likes Christmas.

Tuesday Rockpile: Merry Christmas


It was not a great year for the Rockies, but it may have been a great year for you. Whether it was or not, have a merry Christmas!

R.I.P. Ryan Freel

Former major leaguer Ryan Freel shot himself this weekend.

Former Cub Ryan Freel Dies At 36


Freel wasn't a Cub for very long, but deserves to be remembered.

Ryan Freel dead at 36


The former Cinncinnati Reds utility infielder committed suicide on Saturday.

Red Reporter Klassix: Paul Janish Retrospective


Paul Janish made his debut with the Braves last night (0-3, BB), thus marking the irrevocable end to - at the very least - his first stint with the Reds.

2012 Mets Player Profile: Justin Turner


Justin Turner was overexposed as a starter last year, but he should be good enough to give the Mets some value from the bench.

Updating the Top 100; Honorable Mention - Ramon Hernandez


From pitcher to catcher, as the RR Top 100 series update rolls on...

Back nine: Some things that might be worth your attention over the final 3 series


.500? The Reds have been hovering around 3-games-below-.500 for the better part of two months, but find themselves a full five under after being swept by the Brewers this weekend. So it's a long...

Red Reposter - Killer Cueto, Hankerin' for Jimenez, and Farney Freel's fWAR


Johnny Cueto: Superman or Stopper?Hall o' Famer Hal isn't sure what the "S" on Cueto's chest stands for, but either one is appropriate. Cueto's 1.98 ERA would be the best in NL if he had enough...

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