Aaron Boone

Houston Astros #8 - Third Base

  • Born: 03/09/73
  • Age: 41
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 205

Why did the Yankees keep Derek Jeter at shortstop?

Derek Jeter's been a sub-par defensive shortstop for a while now, and has been especially bad in recent years. Should the Yankees have moved him to another, less premium position?

College World Series 2014: Q&A with Aaron Boone

Aaron Boone stops by to discuss the College World Series, the progression of the game, and Derek Jeter...

Cub Tracks Is Nobody's Fool


It's a day to be a fool, but let's not let the overreaction to Opening Day get too far out of hand. One game, people. One game.

2nd round results for PSA Top Moments Tournament

Eight moments remain in the Pinstripe Alley Top Moments Tournament! Which ones will emerge as the winners of their respective regions?

Greatest Yankees postseason walk-off homers

Recalling the Yankees' history of ending a playoff game with a bang. Non-Aaron Boone Edition!

Ten-year anniversary of Boone's home run

Ten years ago today, Aaron Boone sent Yankees fans home happy with a home run against the Red Sox in Game Seven of the ALCS.

Should MLB contracts be more easily voided?


Now that the first domino (Ryan Braun) has fallen in the Anthony Bosch PED scandal there are certainly more suspensions coming. Should contracts be voided as a result?

Bryce Harper week on ESPN


Two games and a special airing focused on the Nationals phenom this week over at The Worldwide Leader.

Ramos Or Suzuki On OD? Davey Johnson Won't Say...


Washington Nationals' manager Davey Johnson has two decisions to make before Opening Day. Will he keep J.C. Romero or Henry Rodriguez? Looks like Rodriguez. Will he have Wilson Ramos or Kurt Suzuki...

This Date In Red Sox History: September 14 - George Burns, Robin Yount, Ray Boone

Boston gets their first unassisted triple play, Robin Yount sets a record against the Red Sox, and it's the last day for the grandfather of a baseball family.

Mat Latos deal is fresh!

Almost everyone agrees that the Padres got the better end of this deal.

A Brief History Of Winner-Take-All Postseason Games


The Yankees and Tigers will play a winner-take-all game Thursday night in New York. How do home teams in the postseason do with their backs to the wall?

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