Shane Costa

Kansas City Royals #0 - Right Field

  • Born: 12/12/81
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 220

Can Jarrod Dyson Get On-Base Enough to Be Productive?


Jarrod Dyson temporarily has a nice batting line.

The Young Royals


The Royals finally have a youth movement.


Keeping up with Ex-Royals in the Indy Leagues

The wonder of some Indy Leagues is the random guys who show up there. Even guys who have Major League Experience. Here are some of the former Royals whose names I have spotted in the American...

Royals Review Joins The Million-Hits Club


Early Sunday morning, March 29, 2009, someone in Toronto googled (without quotes) "keith law top 100 prospects" and ended up on a January fanshot posted by KCsince88 of the same name. Little did...


Omaha came to town

This week the Omaha Royals came on down to hallowed Zephyr Field in the suburbs of New Orleans where Tony Pena led the immortal 2001 Z's to a co-championship.  Using his knowledge gained on how to...

Costa Now!


No, it's not a weekly "forum" hosted by Bob Costas dedicated to having his friends come on and discuss issues with only the insight and intelligence that a guy who stands in front of a camera can...

Five Fun Facts About Shane Costa


Back one night in June, as the Royals prepared to take on the hated White Sox in a key matchup for 4th place, I pondered the career of Shane Costa. I'm still not really sure what my angle was, but...

Spreadsheet Baseball: LaRue's Average is Going Down, and Other Scary Stories


I was an awesome singles hitter in little league, as practically everyone was. You see, back then all you had to do to get a hit on the score was hit the ball not directly at a fielder and you had...



It's an off-day for our Royals, as they travel from Chicago to Colorado for a weekend set against the Rockies. Hopefully Bell's been making countless motivational speeches and "lookin' guys in the...

Top Fives: OPS, OBP, SLG, BA


On this well-earned off day, lets take a look at the Royals "Top Five" in a few critical categories.OPS: Matt Stairs .907 Mike Sweeney .847 Emil Brown .834 (4. Shane Costa .796 in 16AB) 5....

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