Johnny Damon

Cleveland Indians #33 - Left Field

  • Born: 11/05/73
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 205

Daily Red Sox Links: Damon, Pedroia, Ortiz


Today's links look at Johnny Damon getting what he deserves, Dustin Pedroia no longer hitting home runs, and why "Papi being Papi" is a good thing.

From Red Sox to Pinstripes

Jacoby Ellsbury is part of a select group of fine players that came to the Yankees directly from the Red Sox and of their own volition.

Yankees GIFs: How not to perfect game

Perfect games are great and all but, come on, they're so hard to do! Too unattainable, I say. Stick to what you know and don't dream too much. Remember: screwing up in the field is much, much easier.

Gloriously outdated Yankees bobbleheads on

The Yankees have a lot of bobbleheads for their players, but they don't just go away when players leave their team.


Leave Boston's beards alone!

As we head down the stretch of the season, teams will be tempted to turn every spontaneous moment into a major marketing campaign. It doesn't have to be that way. We can be trusted to root on our...

Johnny Damon says A-Rod diminished 2009 title


Johnny Damon opens his big mouth again and claims Alex Rodriguez diminishes the 2009 World Series Champions

Is Anybody Gonna Love Reymond?


Former first round pick Reymond Fuentes has had a bit of a bumpy ride thus far. Has he turned a corner?

Ortiz's hit streak fifth-longest in Sox history


Big Papi's streak was already intriguing, but now it's one of the longest in Boston history.

Breakout Braves


The Atlanta Braves have an uncanny ability to continue winning. Sure, they haven't won the division lately, but they are still a team to be reckoned with. With a little bit of help and production...

Breakfast Links 2/27


Manny Being Rhino, Yankees narrow LF list, Marlins make Booty call...

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