Robinson Cano

Seattle Mariners #22 - Second Base

  • Born: 10/22/82
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 205
  • Bats/Throws: L/R

Villa takeover linked to MLB owner: who?

A new and enticing bit of possible information about the rumoured Aston Villa takeover has emerged.

Votto and the case for 2nd place (in the line-up)

With the Reds moving their best hitter to the second spot in the line-up, is it finally time to reconsider how batting orders are constructed?

5-3: Chart

The Angels one-hit the Mariners today. The Mariners remain at the top of the standings in the AL West. Both of these sentences will probably only work in April.

Abraham Almonte: Doer of things

The Mariners lead off hitter and center fielder is going to do a lot of stuff and he is going to do it quite quickly.

Why April is critical to O's postseason hopes

A month-by-month statistical breakdown of the Baltimore Orioles 2014 season.

Angels Lose, Buttercup Baby Just to Let You Down

Final Score: Seattle 8 Angels 3

On Randy Wolf—Why look bad when you don't have to?

This really isn't a big deal, but if the Mariners are going to learn one thing from the overblown Randy Wolf fiasco, let it be this.

The Yankees' toughest stretches in 2014

Taking a look at the most difficult periods of baseball the Yankees will have to face in the upcoming season.

Red Sox talking extensions with Ortiz, Lester

It appears likely that the Red Sox will lock up franchise stars David Ortiz and Jon Lester for the foreseeable future.

Poll: The Robinson Cano Offseason

When it happened we all wondered "what's next". Now, we look back and appraise.

Seattle's right-handed bat options

Robinson Cano says Seattle needs a right-handed bat — let's talk options.

Crisp, Ibanez among AL West regression candidates

A couple of star players who are still performing well are also on this list, but they likely won't get hit as hard by regression as Crisp and Ibanez.

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