Andy Pettitte

New York Yankees #46 - Pitcher

  • Born: 06/15/72
  • Age: 42
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 225

Yankees, the draft, and nepotism

The Yankees have made a habit of drafting the younger relatives of their former players and it might not be the best draft strategy.

The case for retiring Bernie Williams' number

The Yankees will honor Bernie Williams in some way during the 2015 season. Let's hope they don't short change him.

Top Yankees draft picks of all time by position

What would the Yankees' all-draft pick all-time team look like?

Yankees' home opener: Core Four reunion

The Yankees' home opener is today! If you're attending the game, tweet us a picture. If you're not, tell us a story about a home opener that you've been to, or reminisce about your favorite Core...

CC's cutter: reasons for optimism or false hope?

CC Sabathia will be featuring a new pitch in 2014: the cutter. He learned it from his pal Andy Pettitte, who could be considered a cutter-guru. But how much will the pitch help the issues that...

A reflection on Jeter's retirement

What Derek Jeter's retirement means to a fan who has only known Yankees teams with the Captain manning short.

Giving Tanaka an opt out means more risk

The Yankees get the worst of both worlds by giving Tanaka an opt out clause after his 4th season in pinstripes.

Career in GIFs: Bidding farewell to Andy Pettitte

We'll never see #46 take the Yankee Stadium mound again as an active player. So long, farewell, and auf Wiedersehen.

The Yankees, Derek Jeter, and 'Our Plan'

Planning to fail is a kind of plan, just not a smart one, nor one that should be enabled by fans.

Yankees Free Agent Target: Bartolo Colon


Could a reunion with the former Cy Young Award winner be in the Yankees future?


The HOF Expansion Era ballot: A consumer's guide

Part one of a two-part guide to the 12 players, managers, and executives on the hotseat in this winter's election, from Dave Concepcion to Joe Torre.

Yankees 2013 Roster Report Card: Andy Pettitte

2013 was Andy Pettitte's final season in the Bronx. How did he fare as his career came to a close and the Yankees struggled around him? Here's a hint: we're going to miss Andy in more ways than one.

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