Roger Clemens

New York Yankees #0

  • Born: 08/04/62
  • Age: 51
  • Height:
  • Weight: 0

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Time for a reminder

19 cards of #19

I haven't even written this post yet, but I'm already thinking about the sequel. It was so difficult to select just 19 cards of Tony Gwynn to feature; each of the hundreds of cards I leafed through...

Jimmy Rollins Comes Into Focus


Cutting through the talk radio drone to appreciate a living Phillies legend

Prospect Retrospective: Clayton Kershaw


Clayton Kershaw threw a no-hitter yesterday for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Here's how he rated as a prospect, and how his career stands in context.

Corey Kluber joins Clemens the Big Unit, and Pedro

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Corey Kluber was tremendous in the month of May, with 60 strikeouts and only 8 walks. Those figures put him in very elite company for MLB history.

Posting and Commenting Guidelines


With winning comes new members and with new members comes a reposting of the site rules. If you haven't read the rules before, I suggest that you do. It can save a lot of time in a thread. As...

Why aren't there more 20 K games?


Building on original research by Neil Weinberg, this post attempts to put more data behind the question. Includes insight from Tom Tango and data he specifically mentions as being useful in the...


Watch Kerry Wood strike out a record 20 batters

Strikeouts keep going up, but no one has topped Wood yet.

Sugar Land Skeeters sign Tracy McGrady

The ex-NBA All-Star has made the team after launching a baseball career over the winter.

*Interview with Jason Simontacchi

Jason Simontacchi appeared in 83 games for the Cardinals, and though his playing career may be over, he is still playing a key role in the future of the organization as the pitching coach for...

Pitchers and foreign substances


Michael Pineda was certainly not the first or last to have an odd substance on his pitching hand.

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