Brandon Webb

Texas Rangers #33 - Pitcher

  • Born: 05/09/79
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 230

A "brief" history of star-crossed players, Part I


Many players have given us a fleeting glimpse of their future, only to dash our hopes upon the rocks of reality. Until now, though, there's never been a definitive database of all of them.

What caused Cliff Lee's renaissance in 2008?


Taking some old analysis from Mike Fast we can look at what made Cliff Lee's incredible improvement from 2007 to 2008 possible. Lee went from a nobody to the best pitcher in baseball, and we don't...

Esmil Rogers Needs To Feature His Sinker


When Esmil Rogers first arrived as a starter in 2013 there was a lot of buzz about his new sinker. If he wants to be successful in 2014 he'll need to go back to relying on that pitch.

Wang DFA'D: Yankees made the right decision


Chien-Ming Wang was designated for assignment by the Blue Jays and it looks like the Yankees were right all along to let him go

What's Your Underrated D-back?


We all know that the Diamondbacks don't get much national love. Sometimes you might say that the Diamondbacks don't even get much local love. We look at some players that might be considered...

Team Building: Superstar(s) and Fringe


Is it better to build a team around one or two superstar players or is it better to build a team full of average to slightly above average players?

The Best Diamondbacks Debuts Of All Time


Following up on the piece I ran last off-day, looking at the worst starts to Diamondbacks careers, prwhitaker1 suggested I take a look at the other end of the spectrum. So, here we are!

Short History of D-Backs Early Extensions


Signing a young player early has inherent risk. What if he doesn't work out? We look at the various players that were extended early by the Diamondbacks to see in what company Goldschmidt now...

Are sinkers bad for Lance Lynn's health?

The St. Louis Cardinals still love ground-ball pitchers—but is that a good thing?

Who says groundball pitchers are overrated?


Yesterday, Rob Neyer asked if ground-ball pitchers were overrated. Today, the Pinstriped Bible takes a closer look.

Is A Great Season From Johan Santana A Bad Thing?


Though it might seem to go against conventional reasoning, do we want Johan Santana to not be as great as he can theoretically be in 2013 because of contractual concerns and his own trade value?

Purple Row Radio - 2/7/13


Purple Row Radio podcast for February 7th, 2013.

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