Carlos Zambrano

Philadelphia Phillies #0 - Pitcher

  • Born: 06/01/81
  • Age: 33
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 260

Why I Didn't Go To The Cubs Game Monday Night


I knew Monday night was going to be bad. Edwin Jackson pitching. A Reds team that the Cubs have a .295 winning percentage against in the last 4 years. A forecast for scattered rain showers. I've...

MLB Games Are Getting Longer... And Longer...


There's new searchable information at So I did some searching.

A Psychiatrist Session with Manny Machado


I decided to tag along with Manny Machado to his latest psychiatrist session. This is what occurred.

A Cubs Oasis In A Yankees Town


There are nearly eight and a half million people in New York City, and only one Chicago Cubs bar. That bar is Kelly's Sports Bar in the East Village.

A "brief" history of star-crossed players, Part I


Many players have given us a fleeting glimpse of their future, only to dash our hopes upon the rocks of reality. Until now, though, there's never been a definitive database of all of them.

Jason Heyward Wants A Mulligan


After breaking out in 2012 with 27 home runs and 21 steals, injuries sidelined Jason Heyward's encore performance en route to a finish outside of the top-75 outfielders. Can the Braves outfielder...

A Day In Wrigley Field History: April 18, 2011


In which we are reminded of what might have been.


Venezuelan League: Sandoval hurt, Zambrano brawls

The Giants third baseman was lifted after tweaking something while running out a grounder, and the free agent pitcher is still an angry dude.

A Day In Wrigley Field History: April 16, 1972


History was made on this cold and drizzly Sunday at Wrigley Field.


VIDEO: Jim Maloney's 1965 No-Hitter vs. Cubs

You've likely never seen baseball video quite like this one.

Cub Tracks Is On The Trading Block


A former Cub tries another comeback. Another former Cub has turned into a really good writer. A current Cub might be traded. And there's still that managerial search going on.


Carlos Zambrano attempting another comeback

Zambrano last pitched in the Phillies' minor-league system in 2013, but was shut down with shoulder pain in July.

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