Andrew Sisco

Los Angeles Dodgers #0 - Pitcher

  • Born: 01/13/83
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 6-10
  • Weight: 270

Happy Birthday Andy Sisco!!


Our man Andy Sisco turns 26 today. To date, Andy has appeared in 151 Major League games (stats here) to the tune of a 5.18 ERA. For one shining season he was one of the better relievers in the...

The Royals Sneak Out of Minnesota with a Win; Send the Ailing White Sox a Pair of Aspirin


As revealed last week in a Secrets of the AL Central post the Royals actually have a better record in one-run games, so perhaps it was no surprise that the boys in blue were able to prevail this...


Another Royals castoff has Tommy John surgery

First, it was Ambiorix Burgos, who had elbow ligament replacement surgery in August of last year and will be out all of 2008.   Now, everybody's favorite taco-eating pitcher with a million dollar...

I'll Let You Know If I See Andy Sisco


I'm in Chicago for the weekend. I'm sure you're thrilled to hear this news.Bored? Check out Gary Huckabee's chat at BP. Since Huckabee has come back to BP, nearly every thing he's...

And the Winner of the 2007 Andy Sisco Award is... Andy Sisco


Back in February, inspired by a diary by daveyork, Royals Review named the pre-season nominees of the 2007 Andy Sisco Award, an honor given to the Royal pitcher who most horribly regresses and lets...

Early Nominees for the 2007 Andy Sisco Award


While certainly stripped of the romance of Cubs of Red Sox fandom, following the Royals means being preconditioned to disappointment. As Christopher Ricks once said of Philip Larkin, disappointment...

Burgos and Sisco Melted Down to Tin


Day Four of the Ross Gload Era greets us with all the promise of spring. Here's a link summary of the Sisco-Gload fallout: -KC Star Story in which initial spin from Dayton is revealed -KC...

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