Omar Vizquel

Toronto Blue Jays #17 - Short Stop

  • Born: 04/24/67
  • Age: 47
  • Height: 5-9
  • Weight: 180

JAVIER: Analyzing prospects by age and level


The second in a three-part series on prospect analysis. This contains an interactive visualization to find what a hitter's statistics in the minor leagues tell us about his probability of success...

2014 Home Run Derby: Analyzing the hitters by HRD


How impressive have the home runs hit by 2014 home run derby participants been? Are there players that might be better choices, if you prefer huge bombs?

Romine brings more than solid defense to Tigers

The Detroit Tigers acquired Andrew Romine for his defensive abilities in a trade with the Los Angeles Angels, but he brought along more than just a dependable glove with him.

Ausmus surrounding himself with former players


A look at the former Major League players on the Tigers coaching staff.

Tigers dicussed Omar Vizquel making a comeback


Manager Brad Ausmus admitted the team talked about their first base coach making a comeback ... and they were only half-joking.

Monday's Links: Austin Jackson & Alex Avila


Can Austin Jackson carry his natural swing into the regular season, Alex Avila's pitch framing is still pretty good, and the Detroit Tigers are this year's World Series favorite.


Tigers hire a defensive coordinator

Brad Ausmus, who has been the Tigers' manager for a little more than two weeks, made an unconventional hire on Monday. It might pay off.

Omar Vizquel named Tigers' first base coach


The best fielding shortstop of his generation leaves his job with the Angels to join the Tigers as their new first base coach.

The Yankees, Derek Jeter, and 'Our Plan'

Planning to fail is a kind of plan, just not a smart one, nor one that should be enabled by fans.

The end of the road could be rocky for Derek Jeter

Unlike his good pals Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter's last season in pinstripes could be a painful one to watch.

Angels' Next Manager: Bogar/Bochy


In the next quarterfinals, could a Bogar classic be in the mix for the Angels? Or is it just a good game of Bochy ball that they need?

Win or lose ... what the heck, White Sox?

The offense isn't just setting new lows -- it's apparently defying physics, too

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