Randy Winn

Baltimore Orioles #39 - Right Field

  • Born: 06/09/74
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 195

Did the Blue Jays Get Fair Value for John Farrell?


Taking a look back at manager trades throughout history, it appears teams can't expect to get much in return. Was Mike Aviles fair value?

Who's the Boss?


Melvin "Bossman Junior" Upton was selected second in the 2002 MLB draft by the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It was a bit of a coup that he was available there as he was considered the top talent in...

Ozzie Guillen And Chicago White Sox To Go Seperate Ways


It has been rumored for more than a year that Ozzie Guillen would eventually become the next manager of the Florida Marlins, and it appears we are now closer than ever to that actually happening as...

The Two Tim Wakefield's


Wakefield has 200 wins, but he has done much more than just start in his career.

Memorable All-Stars in (Devil) Rays History: Randy Winn (2002)


This isn't exactly a groundbreaking discovery, but wow -- that 2002 Devil Rays team was really bad. They used a total of 11 starters during the course of the season, and their staff "ace" had a...

How angry will you be when Brandon Crawford sits for Miguel Tejada?


Miguel Tejada isn't good. Brandon Crawford shouldn't be, but what this post presupposes is, maybe he is?

Nate Schierholtz, Starter?

Should Nate Schierholtz start?

Career Profile: Randy Winn


Career Profile: Retired outfielder Randy Winn, what was he like as a prospect?

High & Inside: 4/5/11


Baseball links from around the sabersphere... Abreu's Dropping OBP | Baseball Analytics Blog From the above graph, it was clear Abreu was not getting ball calls early, which may have caused him...

saturday roundup


roundup of items from around baseball: if you ask the question "who should play third base - edwin encarnacion (career UZR/150 @ 3b: -11.5) or jose bautista (career UZR/150 @ 3b: -9.6)," won't any...

Friday Night Open-Thread


This will be the only Friday this season without a scheduled game. Feel free to discuss the other games (Twins at Jays, O's at Rays and Mets at Marlins), the future of the Yankees, or anything else...

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