Ryan Klesko

San Francisco Giants #21 - First Base

  • Born: 06/12/71
  • Age: 43
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 220

19 cards of #19

I haven't even written this post yet, but I'm already thinking about the sequel. It was so difficult to select just 19 cards of Tony Gwynn to feature; each of the hundreds of cards I leafed through...

Keith Hernandez thinks Alex Torres is scared


The last time Padres fans had any reason to acknowledge Keith Hernandez's existence was in 2006 when he opined that women don't belong in the dugout. This because the Padres had hired a female...

The 8 Padres with birthday home runs


Eight players have homered on their birthday as a member of the Padres. This struck me as a bit too trivial to base a quiz around, so a table and bullet points seemed like the way to go. J...

"Chop Arm Strong" Braves video


Aaron Chewning is at it again with a new Braves-themed music video.

Phil Nevin on the 2012 Hall of Fame ballot


I've been to the Hall of Fame twice and I love the place. It's magical. The plaques look ghostly on the walls and you feel like, "Oh man... this is like where Baseball Gods live..." Regardless of...

Win Atlanta Braves Tickets To Fields & Reels Outdoorsman Night


A chance for free tickets to Saturday's Braves game.

Let Us Now Praise the Triple


The Georgia Bulldogs did few things well in the 2010 baseball season, but, as the College World Series gets underway, Dawg Sports takes a moment to praise the Diamond Dogs' propensity for hitting...

Nate McLouth: Atlanta Braves 2010 Player Preview


Previewing the 2010 season of Atlanta Braves center fielder Nate McLouth.

Who are the top 10 players in Padres history?


Should Adrian Gonzalez be considered among Tony Gwynn, Dave Winfield, Trevor Hoffman in the annuls of Padres history? Did I use "annuls" correctly?

Call-up Day


Troy Glaus is set to return to the Cardinals. So is Matt Pagnozzi, for some reason.

Craigslisting of the day


This Craigslist ad is a little sad. $6 for both dudes? I mean, that's not even enough to buy lunch. FORMER SAN DIEGO PADRES PHIL NEVIN-RYAN KLESKO AUTOGRAPH PICTURES - $6 (Escondido) Reply...

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