Gregg Zaun

San Diego Padres #0 - Catcher

  • Born: 04/14/71
  • Age: 43
  • Height: 5-10
  • Weight: 170

Today in Blue Jays history: Shea Hillenbrand trade


A memorable Blue Jays moment happened 8 years ago today.

Gregg Zaun, The Blue Jays, and the "Fundamentals"


To hear Gregg Zaun spin it, it would appear that the Blue Jays are out to lunch when it comes to playing "fundamental baseball". With the team struggling it's an appealing narrative, but it's not a...

Quiz: How Many Padres Catchers Can You Name?


There have been 84.

J.P. Arencibia whines about Zaun & Hayhurst


J.P. went on MLB Radio to complain how mean Dirk Hayhurst and Gregg Zaun are. We aren't sympathetic.


Arencibia unhappy with Blue Jays broadcasters

The catcher believes that the announcers have been too critical of his performance and approach at the plate.

On criticism: the case of J.P. Arencibia


J.P. Arencibia shot back at some critics today. Taking criticism is tough, but it happens to us all. How we deal with it is what's important.

Arencibia Said Some Stuff About Zaun and Hayhurst


If you haven't heard the news, J.P. Arencibia had an appearance on The Fan show "Brady & Lang" today. Last night he tweeted a preview of what to expect:

Happy Birthday, Gregg Zaun and Jesse Levis


Two retired former Brewer catchers were born exactly three years apart.

Wins? What Are Wins? Friday Aug 3, 2012 Links


SADNESS RECAP Not much going the Jays way the past week. Just when you think everything was going well. Blammo. Reality hits you in the gut with the force of a bad burrito. Colon pitches A's...

This Day In Marlins History: Gary Sheffield Hits Two Home Runs in One Inning


On this day, July 13, 1997, the Florida Marlins won a 9-3 ballgame against the Philadelphia Phillies. The game was highlighted by an eight-run inning started and capped by a Gary Sheffield home...

BBB Podcast - Under 12 Parsecs - Episode 10


BBB Podcast - Under 12 Parsecs - Episode 10 - The Bluebird Banter guys chat about the Jays and MLB in general.

Gregg Zaun joins Sportsnet on a two year deal - Everyone together now.... "SURPRISE!"


Gregg Zaun joins Rogers Sportsnet as analyst, will work 24 games with the radio broadcast team in the 2011 season.

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