Braden Looper

Chicago Cubs #41 - Pitcher

  • Born: 10/28/74
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 235

Feats of Strength: Gary Peters' pinch-hit walk-off

He won 20 games on the mound in 1964, and won another one for the Pale Hose coming off the bench

Top Secret! Why Kyle Lohse is still unemployed


Yes, it's exceptionally strange that Kyle Lohse is still searching for gainful employment. Tuesday, Buster Olney offered a couple of reasons (via Twitter) for Lohse's situation: Longtime MLB...

Happy Anniversary, Braden Looper


The Brewers added one last ill-fated starting pitcher on this day in 2009.

This Date in Mets History: October 28


F. Scott Fitzgerald called Flushing Meadows an ash heap. Since 1964, the Mets have called that ash heap home.

Series Preview #35: The Brewers And Cardinals' Shared History


A preview of this weekend's series.

Lance Lynn And Continued Cardinals Magic


Lance Lynn couldn't out-duel Justin Verlander on Tuesday, but his season has still been a huge success. Where did he come from?

Lance Lynn the starting pitcher


A look at the St. Louis Cardinals' Chris Carpenter replacement: Lance Lynn the starting pitcher.

The unquantifiable relief of rooting for Tony La Russa

Now that he's retired from managing the St. Louis Cardinals I'll miss the unquantified emotional advantage I got from watching a Tony La Russa team

The Brilliant Fan Guide to a Perfect Off-Season


Note: This post is from an email sent to me. The user gave me permission to post this, as long as I do not use their user name. Feel free to comment your thoughts, or just laughter! Enjoy! I did...

On Bad Karma And (Hopefully) Atonement


Longtime readers of the site could probably make a laundry list of regrettable things I've said over the years. Here's a perfect example: In January of 2009, the Brewers were doing their usual...

A.J. Burnett, Tim Lincecum Lead List Of Hardest Throwers In 2011


Are Michael Pineda and Tim Lincecum throwing harder than everyone else?

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