Todd Wellemeyer

Chicago Cubs #32 - Pitcher

  • Born: 08/30/78
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 225

It's Been Even Longer Since He And Todd Wellemeyer Threw Consecutive Starts


The Cardinals are about to see Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter in the same place for the first time in a while.

A Thank You to Pat Burrell


Pat Burrell is probably going to retire from the San Francisco Giants. Here's a note of thanks.

Post-game thread: Giants push me closer to arena football again


The Cardinals stumbled a little bit this month. Now they're four games back. Pittsburgh went through a horrific losing streak. They entered today 10.5 games back. When teams play this poorly, there...

Post-game thread: Giants take two out of first three after All-Star Break


Oh. That Barry Zito. It's not an original sentiment -- a few people in the GameThread beat me to it -- but is there a better way to describe that game? You know, that Barry Zito. He's the guy who...


Is Cubs' Randy Wells Really Fighting For Job?

FanGraphs' Joe Pawlikowski on an odd position battle being conducted by the Cubs this spring: Early in the spring we learned that Randy Wells was not guaranteed a role in the rotation, but was...

Golden State Warriors Fans: Passionately Loyal Or Quick To Leave? -- Bay Area Sports Week In Review


Golden State Warriors fans seem to leave Oracle Arena rather quickly. Are they really as passionate and loyal as we think they are?

Easy There, Chicago Cubs Fans, Todd Wellemeyer Has Been Given No Guarantees


The Chicago Cubs have signed Todd Wellemeyer to a minor league deal. Welcome back, Shoulders!

Dave Duncan and Mark McGwire


The St. Louis Cardinals resigned coaches Mark McGwire and Dave Duncan.

Why I'm stupid enough to think the Giants have a shot

Haters will hate, San Francisco Giants style.

minor lines, 7/24/10


Saturday highlights from the Giants' farm: Chris Dominguez homered among his three hits, and Justin Fitzgerald allowed just 1 ER in a career-high 8.0 IP. AAA: Fresno defeated Reno 6-3 Fresno:...

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