Chris Carpenter

St. Louis Cardinals #29 - Pitcher

  • Born: 04/27/75
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 230

Johan Santana's improbable return


Nobody really knows what Santana will be when he eventually takes the mound for the Baltimore Orioles. His return though, regardless of the results, is as improbable as it is exciting for Orioles'...

Will the rash of pitcher injuries change baseball?


More pitchers are getting injured. Is it a correctable problem?

Michael Wacha is not Adam Wainwright

Michael Wacha is not Adam Wainwright, so can we please stop comparing the two? It is an unfair comparison for both of them. Both are terrific pitchers, but the way they have gotten there has been...


Carp to start rehab Monday

The St. Louis right-hander's long trek back from what was thought to be a career-ending injury is almost complete.


Chris Carpenter to begin rehab assignment Monday

Originally believed to be out for 2013, Carpenter has been throwing since May and could be activated by the Cardinals within a month.


Carpenter steps up rehab

St. Louis' former ace has taken the next big step in his recovery program, facing live batters.

MLB Scores & More: 5/24


All the latest news, rumors, and scores.

Carp could be back in July


The right-hander's recovery is going so well that the team is contemplating putting him in the rotation.


A look at what the projection systems forecast for the St. Louis Cardinals as they seek to fill a Carpenter-sized hole in their rotation with one of their young righties.

Sabersphere 2/6: Lowrie, Carpenter, Replacement


Today's Sabersphere looks at examples of replacement level, state-by-state variance in baseball preparedness, the Jed Lowrie trade, Chris Carpenter's career, and predicting HR/FB.

Dodgers aren't ready to deal pitchers just yet

With the longtime Cardinals workhorse out for 2013 and considering retirement, St. Louis might be looking for a replacement starting pitcher. But don't expect a move with the Dodgers to happen...

Chris Carpenter to Miss 2013 Season


Former Jay Chris Carpenter will miss the 2013 season with an arm injury.

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