2012 MLS Cup: Bloggers explain their rooting interests

Bob Levey

SB Nation's MLS bloggers have all sorts of reasons why they'll be rooting for the Houston Dynamo or the LA Galaxy on Saturday.

Chivas USA -- The Goat Parade

The Goat Parade is one million percent behind the Houston Dynamo in the MLS Cup Final. Obviously, as Chivas USA's biggest rival, we cannot fathom the circumstances where we would ever root for the LA Galaxy, and having them host the final in our backyard for the second year in a row is awful. But it goes deeper than that. Houston doesn't get much respect, except during this time of year when they seem to come through more often than not. Do they play particularly attractive soccer? Not really, but the folks who make them out to be the Stoke City of MLS clearly do not watch them. They have a cast of largely unheralded players who know how to perform under a terrific coach in Dom Kinnear. They are nearly always considered the underdog, and truly were this season, as they were the lowest seed from the East. An underdog playing against Chivas USA's archrivals? Yeah, this is an easy call - we'll be dressed in orange for this final.

- Alicia Rodriguez [Top]

Real Salt Lake -- RSL Soapbox

I don't want to be bitter. I really don't. With that said, who wouldn't want Houston Dynamo to win? The Galaxy beat RSL in 2011 then went on to win the whole thing. We may have bowed out before we reached that point again, but why open old wounds again? Besides, there's something nice about a wonderfully distraught pairing of David Beckham and Robbie Keane, isn't there? One of those, please.

- Matt Montgomery [Top]

FC Dallas -- Big D Soccer

I don’t this should come as much of a surprise to anyone, but I will be hoping to see David Beckham and Landon Donovan lift the Anschutz Trophy at the Home Depot Center next Saturday afternoon. As a Dallas native and long-time FC Dallas supporter, I could never bring myself to support any team in orange and I look forward to the day when Dominic Kinnear moves on to bigger and better things than that team in the city that will not be mentioned. I hate to pull for the evil empire that is Los Angeles, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

- Daniel Robertson [Top]

DC United-- Black and Red United

As a D.C. United fan, there's only one correct answer on who to root for in Saturday's MLS Cup, and it's not the answer people with strong short-term memories will like. We should be rooting for the Houston Dynamo. Not for any pragmatic reason like "they beat us, so if they win it reflects better on us" or anything like "Eastern Conference pride." Mostly, it comes down to status. The Black-and-Red are the only team to earn four stars over the badge, but with a win at the HDC this weekend, the Galaxy would earn their fourth MLS Cup crown, equaling our all-time title haul. I love being able to brag about our unparalleled trophy case here in the Nation's Capital, and I cannot sit idly by while the team we beat in the first ever MLS Cup final levels terms with us. Well, sitting idly by is exactly what I'll do, but I'll be rooting for Houston all the same.

- Adam Taylor [Top]

Seattle Sounders -- Sounder at Heart

There's a phrase around the Seattle Sounders that goes "Once and Always." It is a recognition of the history of this team and how it goes beyond just MLS and for that reason I'll be rooting for the Houston Dynamo. Sure, the Galaxy have Pat Noonan, but the Dynamo are Sounders laden from Coach Kinnear (winning a title with the team in '95) to players like Ching (all league in '02 with Sounders), Weaver (scoring title in '06) and Sturgis (two Open Cup titles). No, they play nothing like the Sounders FC, but those players will always be a part of our history and if they aren't here they might as well succeed elsewhere.

- Dave Clark [Top]

Toronto FC -- Waking the Red

Well, let's see. The fading stench of the San Jose relocation aside, Houston are a fairly inoffensive team, and hey, there's Canadian content with Andre Hainault. LA? Well to start off with, there's all the usual and obvious reasons to hate them, the continued success, the preferential treatment, the 3 whiny petulant dp's etc etc. Banishing Chad Barrett to Norway only furthered my antipathy. Then Beckham had to go and announce this was his last game for them. Now we'll get two weeks of nauseating analysis, retrospectives, fawning, slavering and drooling, with him winning the cup in his last game presented as some sort of fairytale we should all be hoping for. Eff that. I hope Houston win, I'd enjoy it if that came from penalties, and I'd love it if it all ended like this. Though I'd settle for this.

- Duncan Fletcher [Top]

New York Red Bulls -- Once a Metro

The LA Galaxy have won three trophies in the last two years, with the possibility for four in three. The sake of parity should be enough for me to throw my support behind the Houston Dynamo, but with Landon Donovan contemplating his future and David Beckham leaving, I wouldn't be upset with another LA Galaxy win. You don't always get those cut-and-dry ends of an era. If only for that story arc, I'll be pulling for the Galaxy, but I'd rather just see a really good game.

- Matt Coyne [Top]

Montreal Impact -- Mount Royal Soccer

I feel that the Houston Dynamo has done one of the most complete and best moves during the 2012 MLS season as per player personnel. To be more precise, I can only be impressed by the signing and input of the most European of Central American players: Oscar Boniek Garcia.

The Honduran midfielder will be the key to the MLS Cup Final for both outcomes and his play, if positive and with impact, will give the MLS Cup to the Houston Dynamo. His versatility in the midfield makes him very dangerous and is backed-up by a good set of characters led by Brad Davis.

The question mark in this game will come from the defensive sides of things. Which defensive schema will stumble first? On one side, you have star-studded offensive squad with the LA Galaxy with players that can make a difference anytime of the game. On the other side, we have a Texan team that was built for both a long season and a Cup/tournament with a strong unit.

Vamos Dynamo

- Sofiane Benzeza [Top]

San Jose Earthquakes -- Quake, Rattle and Goal

Earthquakes fans are in a tough spot for the second year running, who to root for in the MLS Cup. While wanting to be on the bandwagon of "West is Best", cheering for their arch-nemesis the LA Galaxy is too tough of a pill to swallow. But the only other option is the Houston Dynamo who San Jose fans call "Zombie Quakes" and regard their 2 MLS Cups as really belonging to SJ. So all in all, I think the love of Dom and the working class attitude of the Dynamo will win over Quakes fans, because really who can resist wanting the red headed stepchild to succeed?

- Lisa Erickson [Top]

Vancouver Whitecaps -- 86 Forever

They say that when your team gets bounced, cheer for the squad that beat them. Therefore, I'm firmly behind the star-studded LA Galaxy. I'm interested to see how David Beckham will play in his final game in a Galaxy jersey, and if he will truly have a fairy tale ending in the MLS. While I'm not the biggest Landon Donovan fan in the world (i.e, I despise his play) I enjoy watching the high octane offence of the Galaxy do their thing.

- Jonathan Szekeres [Top]

Colorado Rapids -- Burgundy Wave

Am I allowed to root for the meteor? Is that a thing? No? I suppose all I want to see then is a game that is more entertaining than last year's bore-fest. If you're making me pick a winner at knifepoint, I'm going with the Dynamo. Orange is my favorite color and as a fan of a Western Conference team, I think I'm contractually obligated to root for whoever comes through from the Eastern Conference.

- Chris 'UZ' White [Top]

Chicago Fire -- Hot Time in Old Town

While we’d rather be in the final ourselves, we at HTIOT would rather see the team that knocked us out go all the way.

"I respect (Dominic) Kinnear as a coach," said Co-Editor Ryan Sealock. "Plus I absolutely can't stand LA."

Contributor Nick Fedora echoed this sentiment.

"Houston is the team from the East that would least make me wretch to win it all," he said. "I like Dom Kinnear and Brad Davis and they're a versatile team that can be physical or play with the ball on the ground when they have to."

So while we’re disappointed to have suffered an early exit, we at least have a bit of respect for the resilient Dynamo, so that’s who we’ll begrudgingly be pulling for.

- Hot Time in Old Town editorial staff [Top]

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