UFC 121 Recap: Cain Velasquez Dominates Brock Lesnar To Become Champion

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The moment Jack down the beanstalk he called out for a hatchet. One was brought him directly. Just at that instant the giant began to descend, but Jack with his hatchet cut the beanstalk close off at the root, and the giant fell headlong into the garden.

Sometimes it's who you fight and sometimes it's how you fight. Unfortunately for Brock Lesnar, at UFC 121 it was both. Cain Velasquez appears to simply be on a different level from anyone else as a mixed martial arts heavyweight. And if Cain's talent wasn't enough, Lesnar chose to eschew his recent "patient" style, instead running out of the corner at the start of the fight and flurrying with sloppy punches and takedown attempts.

Velasquez stayed calm under the undisciplined assault and survived the two times he was taken down without taking damage. Once Lesnar saw that he was not going to be able to hold Cain down he looked panicked and got tagged by the challenger. As the punches landed for Cain we saw Brock fall into the same trap as his last fight (against Shane Carwin) where he folded under the pressure of being hit in the face. Lesnar tumbled across the cage before falling to his back where Velasquez patiently worked him over. Lesnar got back to his feet only to be drilled and collapse again. From there it was just a matter of time as Brock was worked over and referee Herb Dean jumped in to stop the fight.

It was the story of the fallen giant that every child grows up with. The patient, smaller man survives a violent attack only to use his brains to fell the giant and take his gold.

With the win Velasquez is now 9-0 and looks to have the speed, technique, brains and heart to remain undefeated and with gold around his waist for a long, long time. Lesnar said that he plans to go back to camp and come back stronger as that is what a real champion does, however one has to wonder if Lesnar can ever make up for the technical disadvantage he is at against Cain.

After the event UFC president Dana White said that he and Lesnar had been fighting for over a month, one can only assume it had something to do with money but I'm sure we'll hear more about that over the next few days.


The beasts of the forest gave a splendid entertainment at which the Monkey stood up and danced. Having vastly delighted the assembly, he sat down amidst universal applause. The Camel, envious of the praises bestowed on the Monkey and desiring to divert to himself the favor of the guests, proposed to stand up in his turn and dance for their amusement. He moved about in so utterly ridiculous a manner that the Beasts, in a fit of indignation, set upon him with clubs and drove him out of the assembly.

It is absurd to ape our betters.

Jake Shields may have won his first UFC bout when he faced Martin Kampmann but he did not look good doing it. In fact, it looked quite clear that Shields may be well out of his depth in the UFC's deep 170 pound division. A Georges St. Pierre slayer he is not.

Kampmann essentially gave the fight away by refusing to take opportunities to go back to distance and work his striking or attack a hurt and tired Shields with punches, instead opting to go for chokes on the notoriously hard to submit Shields. In those moments Shields would turn to end up on top and then go back to his methodical style of working position.

Shields gassed badly starting toward the end of the first round and never looked right after that point. Still his opponent allowed him to get the win and the idea of a St. Pierre/Shields fight remains alive. But also alive is the very real possibility that Shields only looked like a top UFC fighter when he was fighting outside of the UFC.


The hare darted almost out of sight at once, but soon stopped and, to show his contempt for the tortoise, lay down to have a nap. The tortoise plodded on and plodded on, and when the hare awoke from his nap, he saw the tortoise nearing the finish line, and he could not catch up in time to save the race.

Both Ryan Jensen and Paulo Thiago raced out of the gates tonight, having tremendous first rounds before their inability to pace themselves caught up to them.

Jensen landed hard and often in the first against Court McGee but he put so much into each punch that by the time the second round rolled around he began to wilt under the pressure of McGee. Court started to land punches that had Jensen backing up and in the second and third round he got takedowns and did great work from the top. In the third it was an arm triangle from top that forced Jensen to submit and make his early lead meaningless.

The story was much the same for Thiago as he beat up Diego Sanchez on the feet, took him down, landed punches and almost locked in a deep d'arce choke. As the two fighters went back to their corners it was clear that Thiago had expended far too much energy. Diego Sanchez, who seems to never tire, would come back and get takedowns in the final two rounds and do major work from the top to earn the decision win.


A lion, worn out with years, lay on the ground at the point of death. A Boar rushed upon him, and avenged with a stroke of his tusks a long remembered injury. Shortly afterwards the Bull with his horns gored him as if he were an enemy. When the Ass saw that the huge beast could be assailed with impunity, he let drive at his forehead with his heels.

Tito Ortiz has not won a fight since October of 2006. In that time he has lost fights to Chuck Liddell, Lyoto Machida and Forrest Griffin. All three of those men have at one time held the UFC light heavyweight championship. Seeing the weakness in the once great Ortiz meant it was time for his former "student" from The Ultimate Fighter, Matt Hamill to take a shot at the legend.

Ortiz deserves credit for looking like a much improved striker and landing decent strikes in the first round but this is no longer the wrecking machine who was the long time king of the 205 pounders. This is a faded lion, unable to deal with the attacks of others.

Hamill started to get takedowns as the fight wore on and he sat on top landing punches and elbows, exactly the way that Tito Ortiz did back when he was king. Those days are gone and his career, worn out with years, lay on the ground at the point of death.

(photo via ESPN.com)

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