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WEC 52 Results: Urijah Faber Chokes Out Takeya Mizugaki

Urijah Faber dropped to 135 pounds for the first time in his WEC career at WEC 52. He would face former bantamweight title challenger Takeya Mizugaki in the main event of the show. As most predicted, it was a very successful lighter weight debut for Faber.

Early on Mizugaki attempted to work combinations but mostly came up hitting only air while Faber would potshot with single punches and get back out. Faber would continue to put pressure on Mizugaki against the cage where he worked a nice short punch and elbow game. After teasing a guillotine choke, he jumped onto Mizugaki's back and sunk in a body triangle to control Mizugaki's posturing.

In the advantageous position, Faber sunk in the rear naked choke and squeezed until Mizugaki went unconscious forcing the end of the fight.

Faber will now likely move into a title shot for Dominick Cruz's 135 pound title. Cruz will be fighting Scott Jorgensen at WEC 53 to determine the first ever UFC bantamweight champion.


WEC 52 Results: Chad Mendes Wins Decision Over Javier Vazquez

Chad Mendes did little to silence his critics who accuse him of being little more than a "lay and pray" fighter by relying on top position via wrestling and maintaining the position. It was the same story in all three rounds with the only difference being in the third round when Mendes hurt Javier Vazquez with a head kick only to choose to take him down rather than go for the finish.

It was unfortunate as it is clear that Mendes' association with Team Alpha Male makes him a guy that promoters would love to promote. But fans have really turned on his overly cautious and controlling style.

Mendes remains undefeated with the victory but he's going to need people to want to watch him if he's ever going to get a crack at a title now that the WEC is being merged with the UFC.


WEC 52 Results: Eric Koch Knocks Out Francisco Rivera With Head Kick

Many fans were unsure why the fight between Eric Koch and Francisco Rivera had made the main card over some other very solid fights on the undercard. It didn't take long for Eric Koch to make a statement that he wants to stick around on main cards for a long time.

After a brief feeling out period between the fighters Koch uncorked a head kick that dropped Rivera. A few exclamation point hammerfists by Koch and the fight was all over. This is almost guaranteed to win the Knockout of the Night bonus.

Koch is now 11-1 in his career and 3-1 in the WEC with his only loss coming to fellow WEC 52 fighter Chad Mendes.


WEC 52 Results: Joseph Benavidez Chokes Wagnney Fabiano Into Submission

Joseph Benavidez lost in his attempt to wrest the bantamweight championship from Dominick Cruz his last time in the WEC cage but he showed no signs that he lacks confidence after the loss. Benavidez looked great in pressuring Wagnney Fabiano throughout the fight. It was powerful punches and kicks that forced Fabiano to back up and never get his own offense on track throughout the opening round.

In the second round Benavidez continued to try to use the pressure and when Fabiano slipped to the mat he attempted to pounce. Fabiano grabbed Benavidez's leg and attempted to get the takedown but got caught in a deep guillotine choke. Benavidez couldn't get the submission but he went back to it three times, getting the submission with the third try.

Fabiano is a great jiu-jitsu player but he gets reckless at times and gets caught in submissions he should not. Getting caught three times in the same hold is inexcusable for a guy of his caliber. The win gets Benavidez back on the winning track but it's hard to see him getting another shot at Cruz before his training partner Urijah Faber.


WEC 52 Results: Demetrious Johnson Upsets Damacio Page

It had been a long layoff for Damacio Page but he didn't show the effects of his time out of the cage in the first round. Page used his patented attacking style to force Johnson into uncomfortable exchanges on the feet and Page even got several big slam takedowns. Johnson was far from outclassed in the opening five minutes but he certainly was on the losing end of the round.

In the second round Page appeared to be tiring a little bit. But it may have been a very hard low blow by Johnson that had a bigger impact on the remaining action than anything. Page was given five minutes to recover from the groin shot and certainly continued fighting hard but he appeared to have a lot taken out of him. Johnson began working takedowns and a very solid ground and pound game.

In the third round Johnson continued to come on hard and eventually managed to catch Damacio's neck with a guillotine choke. Johnson moved to mount and cranked the choke until Page was forced to submit.

It was a major upset for Johnson and one that will move him closer to a big fight down the road.

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