UFC 123 Results - Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson Wins Split Decision Over Lyoto Machida

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UFC 123 Results - Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson Wins Split Decision Over Lyoto Machida

At UFC 123, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Lyoto Machida met in a battle of former UFC light heavyweight champions. Due to the somewhat absurd "rules" of the UFC this, as all non-title fights, was only a three round affair which seems counter-productive when you've got two men who have been in 5 round fights in the past. But still, those were the rules as they were set and they led to a somewhat inconclusive ending.

The first two rounds of the Machida/Jackson bout were extremely close with round two fairly clearly a Rampage round. Round one was incredibly close, though, and depending on what the viewer was looking for as to who they would favor. Jackson was coming forward, but Machida landed leg kicks and avoided damage for the majority of the round.

In the third round, Machida finally found the opening for a counterpunch and it hurt Jackson. He landed a flurry of punches and kicks after hurting Rampage and took the fight to the floor. On the ground, Machida passed to side control and then into full mount. He didn't do a lot of damage from mount and gave up position on an armbar attempt that Jackson powered out of, but it was the most dominant round of the fight.

Still, Machida hadn't made enough of a point in the first two rounds for the judges as two of them saw the bout 29-28 for Jackson while one scored it 29-28 for Machida. SB Nation scored the bout 29-28 for Machida but I can certainly see the score going the other way.

SB Nation will have much more on UFC 123 over the next few days so make sure to keep checking back for more information.


UFC 123 Results - B.J. Penn Knocks Out Matt Hughes

It only took 21 seconds for B.J. Penn to knock Matt Hughes out in the third match of their trilogy. Their epic series dates back to UFC 46 and while it feels like forever since they first met, it certainly didn't feel like forever once the bell rang. Penn landed two hard punches early, then a straight right hand that knocked Hughes down. Penn followed him with a few more punches on the ground but it was already over.

The win snaps a nice win streak for Hughes and snaps the two fight losing streak Penn had been on, both losses coming to current lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

The questions now become:

- Will Matt Hughes consider retirement now that he has lost the series to his biggest foe and likely won't ever compete for a title again?

- Will B.J. Penn stay at welterweight, a weight class where he has had very mixed results throughout his career?

I'm sure we'll know the answers soon, but a chapter of MMA history was closed tonight, and it was done with some serious quickness.


UFC 123 Results: Maiquel Falcao Impresses For Two Thirds Of Win Over Gerald Harris

At UFC 123 Gerald Harris was meeting a man making his UFC debut for the fourth straight fight but in Maiquel Falcao he faced a man with a lot of experience in the Brazilian MMA scene. Falcao did not disappoint for the first two rounds, badly hurting Harris on multiple occasions and coming close to finishing a rear naked choke in both the first and second rounds.

Unfortunately, knowing he was comfortably ahead on the scorecards, Falcao chose to coast on his lead and not engage for the third round. Harris chased and tried to throw occasional punches but Falcao was not allowing him to close distance. Harris couldn't get anything done and the fans booed loudly.

Falcao rightly won the unanimous decision but needed a better showing in the third round to prove his worth over the long term. Hopefully such a talented guy will show how truly dangerous he is by fighting bell to bell in his next fight.


UFC 123 Results - Phil Davis Breaks Out The 'Mr. Wonderful' Against Tim Boetsch

While many fans will insist that Jon Jones is the brightest prospect in the 205 pound division, some would argue that Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis is the man that may be able to stop Jones' roll. Davis used his great wrestling credentials and ever improving submission game to completely dominate Tim Boetsch before finishing him with a new submission in the second round. Boetsch is no slouch as a wrestler himself but he simply could not compete with Davis' pedigree.

In the first round Phil Davis controlled the action with a takedown and a steady stream of ground and pound. In the second round it was a takedown yet again but this time Davis locked Boetsch's arm behind his back and then finished the kimura type maneuver with his other hand behind the back.

In the post fight interview Davis claimed he invented the move and Joe Rogan declared it will be known as the "Mr. Wonderful."


UFC 123 Results - George Sotiropoulos Takes Joe Lauzon's Arm

At UFC 123 George Sotiropoulos was looking to continue his undefeated streak in the Octagon. He'd constantly improved his game since his time on The Ultimate Fighter and in Joe Lauzon he faced a man with well rounded skills who had also seen his share of UFC success. It was a great fight on paper and did live up to the billing.

Lauzon came out fast in the first round, throwing hard punches and winning the stand-up exchanges. Sotiropoulos had trouble finding the takedown throughout the majority of the round but his relentless pressure was visibly wilting Lauzon. George did finally manage to get the fight on the ground where he moved to mount shortly before the end of the round but he gave up position on a failed armbar attempt which resulted in Lauzon finishing the round on top landing big punches.

In the second round it was clear that Lauzon was gassed and Sotiropoulos didn't let him off the hook by constantly going to the body with hard punches. Lauzon then gave up the takedown and found himself locked in a deep kimura and forced to submit.

With the win it's only a matter of time before we see George get a lightweight title shot.


UFC 123 Results - Brian Foster Submits Matt Brown

Brian Foster and Matt Brown kept the Spike prelim train rolling with much the same thing we got from Mark Munoz and Aaron Simpson. Foster and Brown were sloppy on the feet but their ground work featured a lot of very nice submission attempts, sweeps, takedowns, reversals and non stop action. It was Foster that initiated the majority of the takedowns and doing more damage on the feet.

Brown had a fairly deep armbar attempt in the first round but Foster stayed calm and popped his arm out to get back on top where he did his damage. On the feet he was landing awkward punches in combinations that were catching Brown with surprising consistency. In the second round there was an accidental groin shot by Brown but after Foster recovered he got a takedown and did very good work after a takedown.

Matt Brown attempted a single leg takedown from his knees and Foster locked in a deep guillotine choke that forced Brown to tap out. For Brown it was his third loss in a row, usually a "death sentence" as far as your UFC contract is concerned.


UFC 123 Results - Mark Munoz Outpoints Aaron Simpson

When Mark Munoz and Aaron Simpson met in the Octagon at UFC 123 they did so as familiar foes having wrestled in college where both were All-Americans. As happens with most fights between wrestlers the majority of the fight was contested standing up with a smattering of takedowns sprinkled throughout. It was not the most technically sound fight but was absolutely an entertaining brawl.

Munoz worked off of hard leg kicks for the majority of the bout which left Simpson's leg swollen and marked up by the final bell. He mixed in a steady attack of punches as well coming from wide angles but often finding their mark on the chin of Simpson. Aaron was not to be outdone firing back with heavy punches of his own but in the punching exchanges he was fairly consistently beaten.

SB Nation saw the bout as a very close 30-27 for Munoz but all three judges saw the fight at 29-28 for Munoz who rebounds successfully from his recent loss to Yushin Okami. For Simpson it's two losses in a row with the last coming against Chris Leben.

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